The threat is real. The online business you’ve built up over the years can disappear from the web tomorrow if SOPA is passed. Anyone, even your competitors, can accuse your site of infringing copyright and you’ll almost immediately disappear from the US search results on Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. Paypal will be forced to freeze your payments. You cannot advertise your business in the US. This is business censorship, whether you like it or not.

This hurts us and it hurts you. That’s why your opinions matter. Make them heard, join us together with the rest of the internet in demanding for our rights. You can make yourself heard by supporting EFF in their fight against internet censorship.

We’ve never done this before (not since launch days 3 years ago) but we’re offering a 40% discount on ALL packages for ALL new signups and existing customers. AND we are donating 10% of all such proceeds to EFF. We have full respect for the battle that EFF is fighting and we’ll put our money where our mouth is.

Simply signup here and then login to to upgrade to the package you want. Then use this code SOPAsucks to redeem the 40% discount. We’ll donate 10% of the proceeds.

Here’s a list of other companies who are championing the cause:

It’s still not too late

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