Two weeks ago, we released our wordpress plugin without much fanfare so we’d have time to iron out potential kinks / bugs that early adopters could face. It turned out to be a non-concern, because after 2 weeks – 1200 downloads and a couple of positive reviews later – the feedback we got was our plugin was ready for show time! So here’s our official introduction of the Zopim WordPress Live Chat Plugin:

WordPress users now have an even more intuitive (if it was possible at all) way of deploying Zopim on their site. Simply download our wordpress plugin! Activating it is dead easy as well. You can either use your existing Zopim account or register for a Zopim account seamlessly without even leaving the wordpress backend.

Dead simple setup process

Once you’ve activated Zopim, our widget would auto-magically appear in your wordpress site. Of course at this point, the widget design would be the default one. The next step would be to style the widget and configure other settings to fit your needs specifically. You can do this effortlessly within the plugin by clicking on “Customize”.

Styling and Customization

Styling and Customization

Last but not least, remember to set Zopim up to work with your favorite IM network (Gtalk, MSN, Yahoo, AIM).

Set up Instant Messaging (IM)

If you need to make additional changes or get access to advanced features such as Shortcuts, Departments, Chat Transcripts, etc.. you can still log in to our web-based dashboard using the same credentials.

Enough of us talking about it. Why don’t you write in to let us know what you think about this plugin and what can be done to enhance it? You can reach us via Live Chat or support [at] zopim [dot] com!

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Royston Tay

Royston Tay

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