This post is kinda outdated, but necessary nonetheless to update our users on how we’ve been improving ZopIM in the past few months. Do try it to have a feel of it and let us know what you think!

Our release went live on a quiet Wednesday nite 2 weeks ago. The minor bug fixes and improvements were countless, but the major improvements are as follows:

Backend Overhaul (For the geeks out there)

  • Migration of offline messaging platform from Jabber to LibPurple.. benefits discussed here.
  • Changed transport mechanism from COMET to Flash sockets. Improvements include
    • slight improvements in speed, no more HTTP headers!
    • greater reliability
      • able to determine earlier when a connection is broken
      • no more mysteriously dropped messages
  • Messaging architecture redesigned
    • better reliability
    • improved scalability

Agent Desktop

  • Javascript framework upgraded from Ext 1 to Ext 2.
    • improved performance
    • improved look
    • bugs fixes
  • Desktop components rewritten to improve user interface
  • More features focused on improving chat efficiency. For example
    • auto-completion tool
    • shortcut templates for messages and urls
    • chat summary panel similar to the speed dial on opera. helps you manage all your existing conversations seamlessly at one glance
  • More preferences
  • Improved chat history retrieval
    • ability to search by agent name, visitor name, duration, date, etc…
    • ability to track unread conversations (i.e. msgs that were left while you were online)

Visitor-side (chat button and chat window)

  • Compatibility on most browsers (IE6-7/Safari2-3/Opera/Firefox2-3)!
  • Nicer chat button design. Resizable to fit your website.
  • Greeting message in button can now be customized
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