Considering the intangible nature of ecommerce, its phenomenal growth in the past few years has been incredible. It seems that the ability to touch a product or physically speak to staff is not holding back sales.

However, providing support to customers making a purchase can go a long way in reassuring them. That’s a major reason why car rental service 91Trips decided to implement Zopim Live Chat on their website.

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Why Live Chat?

Customers travelling can have a lot of questions and specialized requirements. In spite of all the effort spent on building a seamless user experience, selling customized car rental trips can be a challenge. This is where a live chat agent can work wonders. The chat agent can quickly figure out what the user is after and help them out immediately. For 91Trips, these instances make Zopim invaluable.


Why Pick Zopim?

According to Sonam, Co-Founder & CEO, Zopim was one of the live chat offerings that best met the needs of 91Trips. Here’s what she finds particularly useful

  • Easy setup: It was really easy to integrate Zopim into the website. Even for a beginner, it took just a couple of hours to be fully up and running.
  • Mobile friendly: Zopim’s Android and iPhone apps make it easy to respond to customer queries outside the office. Sonam mentioned that she is able to keep working even while at the gym, thanks to the apps.
  • Advanced analytics: The integrated Analytics Dashboard and Visitor List helps Sonam learn more about the users on the website, including who is online, where they are from, how many pages they have visited, and so on. This kind of information is especially useful for her when converting a potential lead into a sale.
  • Lean plans: The pricing structure is appealing, especially when compared with competitors. The price point is ideally suited for a young startup (as 91Trips is).


How has Zopim Helped?

91Trips rents out chauffeur driven cars across India. Although many trips are simply from point A to B, some customers might have more specific needs (e.g. a wedding requiring multiple cars). In such cases, online trip planners can take account of the customers needs and create a customized itinerary. The trip planners can also provide the customer with on the ground facts which can aid trip planning. These can include information like the time taken for a journey, the comfort factor of the vehicles, road closures, etc. In short, using live chat, the agent can help make the trip better for the customer.


Since launching to critical acclaim in 2010 , Zopim Live Chat has helped thousands of companies grow their business and connect with their customers. Our “Spotlight” series features some of our customers and looks at the exciting ways in which they are using Zopim.

If you’d like to be a part of our Spotlight series drop us an email on blog [at] zopim [dot] com.

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