Zopim’s users benefit from live chat in a variety of ways. Some improve their customer service, while other increase sales. Today’s Spotlight feature is on a company who, it turns out has been able to improve every facet of their customer interaction thanks to Zopim Live Chat.

Our Spotlight today is on TrueConf, a Russian based developer of enterprise and consumer grade video conferencing software, serving over 2.5 million users worldwide.

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Why Use Live Chat?

TrueConf have been using Zopim since July 2012. However despite their familiarity with live chat, they had to be convinced that it was something worth trying. 

Initially, all their support was conducted using a ticket system. Customers would either call or send emails to TrueConf and these would then be automatically or manually entered as a ticket. However, TrueConf soon discovered that both these methods weren’t ideal: there was no easy way to log phone conversations and email correspondence simply took too much time.

So in early 2012, TrueConf started looking for a more efficient solution.

As Dmitry Odintsov, Director of Sales and Business Development, explained to me, TrueConf were looking for a customer support solution that met the following four criteria:

  1. It had to make their customers’ lives easier, by providing solutions in real time,
  2. It had to be able to help customers while they were testing out TrueConf products,
  3. It would need to monitor exactly where (i.e. page on the website) the user was at any given moment, and
  4. It had to be able to visualize the correspondence history, and ensure that nothing was missed.

Armed with those four requirements, TrueConf decided that online chat would be the ideal solution – blending the immediacy of a phone call with the completeness of email.

Why did TrueConf Choose Zopim?

Before settling on Zopim, TrueConf tested more than 10 of the most popular services. According to Dmitry, out of all the competitors, Zopim stood out as the most functional, stable, and reliable solution. 

Additionally, TrueConf found the following Zopim features incredibly useful:

  • The ability to track the number of online users on the website, the device the user is using, and the website they came from (Visitor List);
  • The Chat History which ensures they do not miss anything during a conversation;
  • The option for several Agents to join a chat and serve the same customer;
  • Automatic translation to the user’s native language;
  • Answer templates (Shortcuts) to quickly respond to the most frequently asked questions; and
  • The ability to block users who clog up the chat with spam or flood (Banned Users).

Further, thanks to Zopim, the job of the sales team was made much easier, saving them time and improving overall customer interaction.

Zopim is now integrated on 15 websites in the TrueConf network.


Just Right for Customer Service

Zopim has made it much easier for TrueConf’s customer service team to monitor and chat with visitors on all their different websites. Also, by integrating the same Zopim script on multiple websites, TrueConf has centralized all their support requests into one dashboard.

The main reason for Zopim (and live chat) implementation was to improve the efficiency of providing customer support. Since integrating Zopim, TrueConf have noticed that they are able to process process requests and solve customer complaints ten times faster – a significant improvement over phone and email based systems.

Dmitry says that:

“It is now easier to start talking to people. People enjoy asking questions in the chat and not on the phone. Previously, if questions arose, it required a very strong desire to ask the question because users had to write letters or make phone calls (often not for free). Live chat makes it much easier, all you need to do is to press a button.”


The Only Sales Tool you Need

A second consideration for TrueConf was to improve the sales experience for customers. According to Dmitry, Zopim has been able to significantly increase the conversion rate of “window shoppers” into “trial customers”. This is partly because, thanks to Zopim, TrueConf received over 7,000 requests from different users in a single year. Furthermore, by using automated messages (i.e. Triggers), TrueConf increased the total number of requests by an additional 16%.

Not only is it great for customers, TrueConf’s sellers appreciate getting notifications about problems users are having. Nothing is ignored and no one is left without an answer.


Since launching to critical acclaim in 2010 , Zopim Live Chat has helped thousands of companies grow their business and connect with their customers. Our “Spotlight” series features some of our customers and looks at the exciting ways in which they are using Zopim.

If you’d like to be a part of our Spotlight series drop us an email on blog [at] zopim [dot] com.

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