If you’re currently using or thinking of using Zendesk Help Desk Software, read on to find out how Zopim integrates with Zendesk to help streamline customer support.

First off, ensure you have set up Zendesk integration in your account management page.

Let’s take an example of a customer, John Doe reporting a technical problem. When he clicks on the chat bar on your website, he will see a form like this.

Chat Request Form

Once John submits the form, your chat operators can attend to him as per normal. The magic comes once John starts a chat. Your agent will be able to see an overview of all Zendesk tickets within the box on the right. Also they will be able to view more detailed tickets simply by either clicking on the ticket title that appears. Alternatively, clicking on the “View Person’ button launches Zendesk and shows all tickets related to him,


Once the chat is completed. a ticket will automatically be created if you had chosen the option during set up, or you could click the “Create Ticket” button to manually create a ticket on Zendesk.


This immediately creates a ticket on Zendesk. All vital information from the chat, including the transcript, country, IP address, etc.. are included within the case description. The next support representative attending to John would have all these information at his fingertips once the conversation starts.

zendesk ticket

zendesk ticket

That’s not all! What’s interesting is when John returns to the site at a later time. Let’s say he wants to arrange a phone meeting instead. Instead of having to repeat himself all over again, Zopim looks up Zendesk, and provides John’s Zendesk profile to the chat operators attending to him. This is done by looking up John’s email within Zendesk.

Now go ahead and impress your customers with your amazing customer service, and photographic memory =)
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