Updates to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy

At Zendesk, we’re committed to making it as easy as possible to discover and deploy the Zendesk customer support platform and Zopim live chat service. In an effort to continually improve your experience, we’ve made changes to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy for customers of both Zendesk and Zopim. In particular, we are pleased to... Read More

The Key Ingredients For Awesome Product Design

  Shiyun, Tengwan, Jianwei, and Junhan are product designers at Zopim; responsible for designing and creating new features and products. While aesthetics and beauty are important elements of design, these four ensure that products are not only attractive but also functional for users. Here, they share the design story behind our most recent launch: Zopim... Read More

6 Best Practices for Chat Etiquette

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Communicating over live chat can be different than interacting with a customer in person, on the phone, or over email. Sometimes, customers can misunderstand what you’re trying to say because communicating through text can leave more room for interpretation. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend hours contemplating every word you type. Follow these chat... Read More

Singapore’s Golden Jubilee #SG50

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On August 9th, Singapore celebrates its 50th year of independence. For a small island state with no natural resources, besides its strategic location and people, it is amazing how much she has achieved. As much as Zopim is a global company with a Danish-American parent, our roots are still deeply Singaporean. We’re extremely proud of... Read More

Provide Great Support With Simultaneous Chat

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Your customers love live chat. In the latest Zendesk Benchmark report, chat was revealed to be the channel that produced the highest level of customer satisfaction, beating even email and voice. On average, first reply time to a live chat request is 1 minute, 36 seconds; far quicker than the 22.6 hour average of all... Read More

5 Ways to Reduce Customer Care Costs without Compromising on Quality

According to research, over 70% of all customers who leave a company for its competition have no problem with the product. Their main grouse is actually with the customer care offered to them. This means that customer churn can hypothetically be reduced by 70% with world class customer care. Trouble is, world class customer care... Read More

Spotlight: Wonderful Union Customers Prefer Live Chat

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Wonderful Union is a fan engagement company that builds websites for some of the biggest names in the music industry, like Backstreet Boys and Taylor Swift. Their Fan Support Team is trained to answer questions about the functionality of their sites and services. Before chat, Wonderful Union provided support via phone, email, Twitter, and Facebook.... Read More

Spotlight: 50% of Fishfishme Customers Make a Booking Through Chat

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Finding the perfect fishing adventure can take some work. It’s not a one man show, because besides needing boats, you also need a captain to run it. Fishfishme has been helping people take the pain out of planning their perfect fishing holiday since 2012. They cover some of the best fishing spots in the world... Read More

Mobile App Update – What We’re Working On

We’re actively working on improving the Zopim Mobile app experience. Above all, we want to provide apps that are available whenever you need them and allow you to support your customers while on the go.   Coming soon are improvements to both our Android and iOS apps. Improved connectivity Better chat notifications Log-in enhancements including log-in... Read More

Spotlight: Here’s How The Tennessee Government Maintains an 84.5% CSAT Score

Imagine having to answer 803,000 customer calls a month. That’s an average month for the Department of Labor & Workforce Development at the Tennessee State Government. The Department deals with employment issues in the State of Tennessee and fulfils the dual role of helping businesses find ideal employees and protecting the workplace safety and rights... Read More
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