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Updates to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy

At Zendesk, we’re committed to making it as easy as possible to discover and deploy the Zendesk customer support platform and Zopim live chat service. In an effort to continually improve your experience, we’ve made changes to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy for customers of both Zendesk and Zopim. In particular, we are pleased to... Read More

Agent Reports – Track Your Teams’ Performance

When we launched Analytics back in 2014, it was a breakthrough. We provided users with insight into their chats — where they came from, how long they lasted and how many were missed. Our customers were able to use this new data to plan their live chat schedules well in advance. But, our first version... Read More

Businesses, meet Messenger

When we’re not face-to-face with friends and family (and sometimes, even when we are), we use chat and messaging to have “live” conversations. The desire for quick, real-time communication is seeping into our commercial correspondence as well—almost half of people in a Software Advice survey preferred live chat for online shopping questions. So what are people... Read More

Zop Update: Chat Rating – How Satisfied Are Your Customers?

In 2013, Zendesk’s Customer Satisfaction Benchmark made a startling revelation. Customers were most satisfied when receiving support over voice and live chat – beating out email, social and other channels. In truth, this didn’t surprise us a whole lot as we already knew the importance of 1:1 real-time engagement between agents and customers. What we... Read More

Zop Update: Introducing Analytics – Give your Data a Voice

Update (27/4/15): With the launch of Zopim Premium, we have extended Analytics to include Agent Reports. Agent Reports provides you with metrics on your agents productivity and performance. Read more about Agent Reports and how it can benefit your business here.     Ever since launching Zopim live chat, our singular goal has been to... Read More

Zopim iOS App Updated

Update (24/9/14): We’ve released version 0.5.11 into the App Store. It should fix most of the issues people have been having with iOS8. Please go ahead, download it and let us know if your problem’s been fixed. Update (18/9/14): We’ve verified that the current release runs in the official iOS8 update. Our engineers will continue monitoring,... Read More

How to Route Chats to Specific Departments using Triggers

We’ve launched a new feature which automatically routes incoming chats to active agents. Introducing Chat Routing.   Zopim’s two most popular features are undoubtedly Departments and Triggers. Both these features are incredibly powerful and can help you increase your chat requests and streamline your workflow. Today, we’re improving both Departments and Triggers by introducing automated chat... Read More

Zop Update: Operating Hours and Automated Schedule Management

Edit: We recently launched a new and improved version of Operating Hours. Read more about it here.  Zopim has been struck by the holiday bug. Last month we launched File Sending and our Holiday Themed Chat Badges. Today we have one final treat in store… Providing great customer support over live chat is an art,... Read More

Get in the Holiday Spirit with our Christmas Themed Chat Badges

In the final days of 2013, we’ve put together a whole bunch of exciting new features for our loyal users. On Monday we launched File Sending and today we have another special surprise. Stay tuned to find out more about the latest updates. Everyone loves the holiday season and our customers are no exception. In the past month we’ve been... Read More

Zop Update: Share Files with your Visitors Using Zopim

Update: Admins are now able to manage file sending by choosing custom file extensions or turning it off entirely.      ‘Tis the season to be jolly. And in this last month of 2013 we are going to be releasing a whole bunch of new features for you, our loyal users. Stay tuned to find... Read More
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