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CSR Happiness – Why A Great Office Matters

This is part of a blogpost series that talks about keeping your customer service team happy. Really really happy. If you are finding it hard to manage morale issues in your customer service team, or you think your customer service levels need a boost, or the way service reps are treating your customers is troubling... Read More

Not Quite Gangnam – Zappos Style

So we’ve all heard of Gangnam style, the viral MV that pokes fun at the rich denizens of the Gangnam district of Seoul. In the customer service world, the funny and creative equivalent of Gangnam style would be ‘Zappos style”, a twist on the prevailing robotic and aloof customer service culture. For the uninitiated, Zappos... Read More

A Truly ‘Social’ Media

It’s hard to deny that social media can improve your business. It allows your business to reach exaggerated amounts of people in a short amount of time. Once a single tweet goes viral, you can reach millions of people quicker than any other forms of media on earth. This means increased sales, publicity, branding, and... Read More

4 More Tips To Better Customer Service

1. KISS! (Keep it simple stupid) Customer service is all about serving our customers. It’s our responsibility to constantly review and keep our IVRs or customer service related procedures simple. Personally, I dread Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRs). As a customer, it’s extremely frustrating when I have to get through layers after layers of CSRs... Read More

Don’t Klout your customer service

When CEO Joe Fernandez was recovering from jaw surgery, he relied on social media to communicate with people. Since he could not do much himself, he recommended restaurants, neighborhoods, and other interesting things and places for people to go. He noticed how people took his suggestions seriously and realized how influential he could be even... Read More
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