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9 Customer Service Quotes that will make you think Twice

We often preach the correct and proper methods of providing good customer service, but in today’s post we’re going to learn from the greats. Here are 9 quotes from business leaders and other influential people. 1. “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” — Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft (Source) We often... Read More

Read this before Letting Your Employees Work from Home

The Employer Alliance recently stated that many Singaporeans (literally, hundreds of thousands) could re-enter the workforce, and hence ease Singapore’s manpower shortage, if more companies were willing to adopt flexible working arrangements. Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) also released figures revealing that more than 160,000 economically inactive individuals want to find work within the next... Read More

How to Make your Customer Service Representatives Sound More Human

Your CSRs are actively trying to engage and communicate with customers. Emails are getting prompt responses, tickets are being cleared, and all other communications channels are being used to their fullest extent. However, the skill of actually talking to customers to find out more about them and to communicate more effectively is something that most... Read More

5 Ways to Beat Gmail’s Tabbed Inbox and Have your Email Read

Google recently rolled out its new “tabbed inbox” system, letting users’ group incoming emails into categories such as “Primary” (personal emails), “Social” (social networks), and “Promotions” (marketing). The world’s biggest marketer will now be the ultimate arbiter of what message a user sees by default, and it is likely that all your companies marketing emails... Read More

Secret Fixes to Increase your Website’s Conversion Rate

Have you ever landed on a website looking for something specific, but end up having to feel your way through a variety of links going from page to page, before actually finding it? This flow may seem counter-intuitive, but many websites remain in such an unappetizing state, which turns the customer off even before they... Read More

6 Tactics for Building a Social Media Following – The Zopim Way

Over the years Zopim has built a substantial and engaged following on Facebook and to a lesser extent on Twitter. The virality of Zopim live chat has been the key to this success, however we have also had to carefully cultivate our presence on social media. In this article we highlight the tactics we employed... Read More

Tips on Training and Preparing your Customer Service Reps to Increase Efficiency

The importance of customer service representatives (or “CSRs”) to the well-being of your company cannot be overstated. They are the bridge between your company and all current and potential customers. While your sales and marketing team might be able to generate hundreds of leads, it will ultimately fall on the CSRs to manage your customer... Read More

Seven Quick Email Marketing Tips for the Lazy

Emails are an important channel for marketing your content, and getting it right could make or break your campaign. While our previous article focused on creating rich, personalized content for your marketing emails, in this article I highlight seven simple yet effective tips that should dramatically increase readership for your emails. The tips don’t focus... Read More

The Customer is Not Always Right

The saying “the customer is always right”, is wrong. Simple as that. While you might want to give your customers the best experience of their life, there will always be some customers who just refuse to go along for the ride, choosing instead to be unreasonable or worse, abusive. Some even go to great lengths... Read More

Increase Productivity of Customer Service Reps by Turning it into a Game

Gamification is the “in” thing now. There’s no motivator like a bit of healthy competition to get things going. On one end of the customer service spectrum, gamification has worked well for companies like Jetstar and Photoshop, seeking to increase loyalty by providing customers with an added incentive to use their products. It is an... Read More
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