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10 Steps to Maximise Employee Effectiveness

Companies often fall by the wayside when they fail to maximise the full potential of their employees. Job rotation is one effective method of ensuring your employees build additional skills, appreciate their colleagues, and better understand the various tasks in an organization. Not only is it a training tool for the newly hired, it can... Read More

Amazon Revolutionizes Customer Support with “Mayday” – 24/7 Live Video Chat

Yesterday, Amazon updated its Kindle Fire line of tablets with the launch of the Fire HDX. Alongside the tablet, Amazon announced an exciting and revolutionary customer support tool called Mayday. The Fire HDX has some interesting features, but few are going to buy it over a Nexus 7 or iPad Mini (its closest competitors) for those alone. What’s going... Read More

Top 3 Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Despite the growing notion that emails are a “weak” form of marketing, today’s post will show you that effectively capitalizing on this form of engagement is still valuable and useful. Email is still one of the best ways to reach your target market, both current customers and potential leads. In fact with over 94% of all... Read More

The Bottom Line of Corporate Social Responsibility

The early 2000s was a bad time for corporations, marking the turning point for the reputation of the entire sector. The downfall of businesses began with the Enron scandal in October 2001, and the subsequent witch-hunt revealed massive corporate fraud across an impressive array of companies. Corporations were never to be seen in the same... Read More

5 Reasons Why you Need More Agents

If you’re reading this it’s a safe bet that you understand the importance of having live chat on your website. But, you may have resigned yourself to using just one agent (customer service representative). Although this might be cheaper, having only one agent could be doing irreparable harm to your business overall. The infographic below... Read More

5 Tips for Better Social Media Customer Service

This is a guest post by Nunzia Falco Simeone, marketing manager at Deskero a social media management platform for simple yet effective customer service   So, you finally realized that social media customer service is the new frontier of customer care. Good for you! Customers use social media to regularly engage with brands, and more often than not... Read More

Chief Executive Dude Royston Tay On the Challenges of Running Zopim at StartupGrind Singapore

It’s not everyday our work gets recognised by one of the world’s leading start-up communities. Last week, the Singapore chapter of Startup Grind hosted our Chief Executive Dude Royston Tay for an informal fireside (without the fire) chat. Roy was interviewed by enigmatic CEO of Deskera Open Source Shashank Dixit and the questions ranged from the challenges of... Read More

Building Loyalty – How to Turn a Satisfied Customer into an Evangelist

There are satisfied customers, and then there are very satisfied customers. The difference between the two is that the latter tends to be what we term “customer evangelists” – superlatively pleased customers who will enthusiastically market your product by word-of-mouth on a purely voluntary basis. These fans are more than just merely happy customers; they are true... Read More

Top 3 Most Requested Features in Customer Service Software

Zopim prides itself on building consumer engagement tools which are intuitive and provide value to businesses. An integral part of our development cycle is to validate whether a particular product is beneficial to a customer. This can often be difficult as surveying a large enough cross-section of the public can be a challenge. Fortunately, Ashley... Read More

Use Content Marketing to Provide Stellar Customer Service

Marketers tend to think of content marketing as purely inbound in nature: attract people with compelling content, send them through your sales funnel, and then move on to the next potential customer. While this might be true, content can do much more than just attract – it has the potential to retain and renew customer... Read More
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