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8 Surprising Sales Lessons from Hollywood

As a rule, Hollywood doesn’t give sales people—or many other professions for that matter—the respect and dignified treatment they deserve. Instead, most films depict salespeople as either criminals or eccentric nut-cases in hopes of creating a good storyline. Nevertheless, Hollywood’s artistically skewed depiction of the sales process in movies like Boiler Room and The Pursuit of... Read More

The Secret to Amazon’s Customer Loyalty Success

Looking at the insane effort customers went through to lay their hands on the new iPhone 6, it’s easy to see why many thought Apple would win the customer loyalty game. However, a study conducted in 2011 by research company Brand Keys revealed that while Apple was doing a great job in keeping customers loyal,... Read More

5 Traits of the Perfect Customer Service Employee

Perfection doesn’t exist—but some people just happen to possess the characteristics that make them more suited for playing the role of customer support agents, while others just don’t. So what is it that makes these “perfect”individuals different? What are the traits that make them the ideal candidates when dealing with other people’s problems? This article... Read More

3 Steps To Achieving Customer Satisfaction And Loyalty

Isn’t it enough that customers find a product appealing, the service up to scratch and the price reasonable? The answer is no! A customer that says “yes” to all of the above might be satisfied with your product, but loyalty is a whole different matter altogether. In our previous article, we discussed the difference between satisfaction and... Read More

Six Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Article Headlines

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the paragraphs or even the pictures in an article that pulls a reader in—it’s the unassuming headline at the top. Only 1 out of every 5 readers will continue reading past an article’s title, so if you really want a reader’s full attention this is important real estate. As... Read More

Stop Confusing Customer Satisfaction With Loyalty

A customer walks into a donut store, queues up to purchase a cup of coffee, and a glazed donut. The queue shuffles along quickly, the salesperson behind the register performs her duties, smiles, hands over the change, and wishes the customer a great day ahead. The following day, the customer returns to the store to... Read More

Competing With The Sharks – The Essence of Business Strategy

Businesspeople and sharks make for apt comparisons. They scent for prey (opportunities), catching the fish (the opportunity,) and then devouring it (exploiting or capitalizing on the opportunity). For most businesses that’s fine, since the ocean—the market universe—is large enough to support everyone. But sometimes when recession strikes or when competition surges and balance sheets turn... Read More

The Role of Transparency in Small Businesses

The growth and evolution of technology has redefined our everyday lives and even some of our terminology. Think of the word viral and the term transparent—both of which have a different meaning when associated with businesses and the internet. While the basic definition of transparent is “see-through,” as a business term in today’s marketplace, it... Read More

What is Your E-Commerce Business Worth?

Understanding the value of your E-commerce business is a crucial part of being a successful owner. Whether it is because you want to sell or because you are just trying to keep track of where your business stands, getting an accurate estimate is important. However, if you don’t know how to valuate your own business’... Read More

The Smart Move: 3 Reasons to use Live Chat

We hear “customer service” and our minds immediately jump to those interminable phone call experiences. We tap our fingers impatiently while the machine lists options from 0 to 9 only to find that our problem is not actually listed. We then pull our phone away from our ears as some unexpected classical or rock music... Read More
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