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Spotlight: Invoice2Go Maximizes Agent Performance With Zopim and Zendesk

At Zopim and Zendesk, our guiding principle is to keep things beautifully simple, so it means a lot to us when a customer appreciates our efforts to keep things easy to use. Invoice2Go, a mobile application designed to help small businesses with invoicing and expense tracking, has been a Zendesk user ever since the inception... Read More

Creative Ways to Keep Customers Entertained While Waiting

  “In business you get what you want by giving other people what they want” – Alice MacDougall Lisa Loeffler, founder and principal of Genuine Media once shared her personal experience of waiting for assistance when trying to change her flight. During her 1 hour, 17 minutes and 33 seconds wait,she explores alternatives to entertaining... Read More

Spotlight: Zespoke Provides Unique Offerings On Live Chat

To small businesses, customer relationships are extremely important. To show their commitment to customers, furniture design and manufacturing company Zespoke allows customers to personalize the style of their furniture and makes each one individually to suit their needs. Zespoke originally started using Zopim in an effort to increase their conversion rates and improve the experience... Read More

5 Ways Customer Interaction Can Improve Your Business

  “No plan survives first contact with the enemy”. Similarly, few businesses can survive the first contact with a customer if they aren’t well prepared. Smart entrepreneurs and business owners should know that as soon as they open their doors to customers, they are subjected to changes in the very fabric of their business. Customers... Read More

Spotlight: The Mail Shark Understands Customers Better With Live Chat

Digital marketing may be stealing the limelight now, but print is far from dead. In fact, depending on the demographic of your target audience, traditional marketing methods such as flyers, name cards, and posters might be more effective than digital ones. The Mail Shark is the print equivalent of a digital ad agency, offering, design,... Read More

4 Ways Live Chat Helps Your Growing Support Team

Imagine a loyal customer encounters a problem when trying to check out. She’s had positive experiences with your customer support team in the past so she decides to call your 24 hour hotline to obtain some help. To her displeasure, she ends up being put on hold for 30 minutes, only to be told that... Read More

The Secrets To Providing Great Support At Scale

We’ve talked about why it’s important to scale your customer support when your business is growing. But how exactly does a company go about implementing changes that will help their customer support accommodate increasingly larger volumes of customer requests? The easiest solution is of course, to increase the number of support agents – and this... Read More

Keep Up With Your Customers—Why Scaling Your Customer Service is Important

  A booming business is a sign that you’re on the right track, but it doesn’t automatically mean that you can keep everything status quo. With more customers, requests for help and guidance will naturally increase. What’s important is that your customer service team is prepared for this growth and will become an asset, rather... Read More

Why Customer Service Worsens As You Grow

It seems apparent that as a business grows, it has more resources and thus will offer better  customer service. However, it’s shocking that big players like Delta Airways, Twitter and AT&T fare badly on the CSAT scale. In fact, whether it’s Bank of America’s (13th biggest company in the world) Twitter Fail or Comcast’s epicly... Read More

No No’s for Dealing With Customer Care on Twitter

If you don’t implement it right, Twitter, like most other business strategies, can backfire and become detrimental to your customer service. In recent years, customers have flocked to social media platforms in expectations of prompt responses to their complaints. On these online platforms, not only are they able to voice their complaints, they can also... Read More
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