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Don’t Let The Holiday Season Chat Influx Dampen Your Mood

The holiday season is a special time. People are in high spirits, there is joy in the air and the sound of wrapping paper tearing. It is a particularly great time for the online retailers. Between November and December 2014, an estimated $53.3 billion was spent on e-commerce.   However, more transactions usually means more... Read More

The Key Ingredients For Awesome Product Design

  Shiyun, Tengwan, Jianwei, and Junhan are product designers at Zopim; responsible for designing and creating new features and products. While aesthetics and beauty are important elements of design, these four ensure that products are not only attractive but also functional for users. Here, they share the design story behind our most recent launch: Zopim... Read More

6 Best Practices for Chat Etiquette

Communicating over live chat can be different than interacting with a customer in person, on the phone, or over email. Sometimes, customers can misunderstand what you’re trying to say because communicating through text can leave more room for interpretation. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend hours contemplating every word you type. Follow these chat... Read More

Provide Great Support With Simultaneous Chat

Your customers love live chat. In the latest Zendesk Benchmark report, chat was revealed to be the channel that produced the highest level of customer satisfaction, beating even email and voice. On average, first reply time to a live chat request is 1 minute, 36 seconds; far quicker than the 22.6 hour average of all... Read More

5 Ways to Reduce Customer Care Costs without Compromising on Quality

According to research, over 70% of all customers who leave a company for its competition have no problem with the product. Their main grouse is actually with the customer care offered to them. This means that customer churn can hypothetically be reduced by 70% with world class customer care. Trouble is, world class customer care... Read More

4 Steps To Providing Great Customer Service In Government

Great customer service in government is the dream. It can mean shortened waiting times, quicker problem resolution and efficient delivery of knowledge from agent to customer. Further, with the improved quality of customer service in the private sector, the pressure for governments to step up their support is greater than ever. In our previous post... Read More

5 Steps to Mending a Broken Relationship With Your Customer

Relationships are a two way street. When a mistake is made, it takes a simple ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘You’re forgiven’ to start the mending process. In the world of business, your support team is responsible for keeping the peace in customer relationships, no matter the size of the problem. It’s always better to prevent a... Read More

Why Customer Service Matters In Government

A government is put into power by the people and is supposed to serve and be the voice of its citizens. Thus, it comes as no surprise that as part of the 2015 federal budget, President Obama made it a goal for the government to deliver “world-class customer service for citizens”. To put his words... Read More

Tips To Providing Great Customer Support Through Video

Using video for online customer service helps you take something that’s traditionally a marketing channel and turns it into something that truly gives back to your customers. Not only will you be helping your current customers better understand your brand and products, but the right kind of video content will bring in new conversions. Maximizing... Read More

Spotlight: WeTheChic Proves that Customer Service Can Be Human

WeTheChic, a bohemian ecommerce portal, provides customers with unique apparel designs at affordable prices. Customers get to browse and shop for indie chic fashion apparel in the comfort of their own homes and have desired products brought to their doorsteps. However, like most online retailers, there’s always a need to reassure customers through verified payment... Read More
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