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5 Creative Ways Startups Have Taken Off

In today’s Silicon era, it seems that startups are finding success in nearly every corner of the market. This phenomenon contradicts the conventional description of the aftermath of an economic downturn, but success stories keep flooding the gates. Here are some creative methods that startups have employed to get their business up-and-running.   1. Crowdsourcing While... Read More

9 Reasons To Use Live Chat Software On Your Site

We’ve talked a lot about why live chat support is so important for your business. In today’s post our partner, Col Skinner from Profoundry, is going to explain why he is such an avid live chat software user  and why he thinks it’s essential for your website. I’m an avid advocate for live chat software, as you... Read More

Sales Automation is Key – CRM Software Trends for 2014

In last week’s article we highlighted some of the key steps your organization needs to take to properly implement customer relationship management (CRM) software. In this week’s article I’ll be discussing software buying preferences of CRM suites and what this means for the market in 2014.   Buyers want Best-of-Breed and Cloud Based Solutions Software Advice... Read More

Apple’s OS X Mavericks Spells the Death Knell for Paid Software – Not All Bad News

Amidst a slew of product upgrades yesterday, Apple announced the tenth major release of its operating system – codenamed OS X Mavericks. Named after a notoriously dangerous surfing beach, Mavericks is unique in that it is the first major operating system that is completely free. However this comes as no surprise for Apple analysts as... Read More

What is Zopim?

Zopim lets you have live conversations with visitors on your website. Our chat widget allows you to start genuine conversations with your visitors within minutes.

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