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Live Chat Support Hours Reduced – 24 – 25 July

Our customer support team will be exploring their new digs throughout Thursday and Friday (24 and 25 July). So, during the day, we will not be able to provide 24 hours live chat support. Of course, this does not mean we will be neglecting our duty to you. You can leave messages or email us... Read More

Spotlight: 3 Minute Angels on the Importance of Customer Service

Last month I sat down with Darren Bennett, Marketing Manager for 3 Minute Angels, to discuss customer service, live chat, and how Zopim has helped them attract new clients. What exactly does 3 Minute Angels do? Darren: 3 Minute Angels are Australia’s leading corporate and event massage provider. Our masseuses, known as ‘Angels’, deliver our trademark... Read More

Live Chat Support Hours Shortened – 2 – 3 July, 3am to 3am (GMT)

Our customer support team will be having their bi-monthly all hands throughout Wednesday (2 July). During the day, we will not be able to provide 24 hours live chat support. Of course, this does not mean we will be neglecting our duty to you. You can leave messages or email us on and we will respond within 24... Read More

Spotlight: Indigo Shows Us How to Multitask with Zopim

The car rental market in the UK is massive, contributing around £14 billion ($23 billion) to the economy every year. To stay ahead it’s important for businesses to ensure they are able to meet customer demand promptly and effectively. This is where Indigo Car Hire and their exemplary customer support team come in. Indigo, founded by... Read More

Spotlight: LawyerFair Increases Conversion with Direct Engagement

Although plenty of law firms have had their share of success with Zopim (Asons Solicitors signed up 9 new clients!), live chat has yet to make a significant dent in this industry. Part of the reason is that legal matters are often highly sensitive in nature and customers might be reluctant to share their concerns... Read More

9 Zopim API Tricks to Hack Live Chat

We frequently update Zopim and add exciting new features, but it’s impossible for us to anticipate the needs of every single customer. This is why we created the Zopim API to allow users to modify the chat widget. The average Zopim user may never have heard of the term “API” (an acronym for “Application Programming Interface”), nor would... Read More

Spotlight: Datanyze Understands the Value of Responsiveness

Analytics and big data are critically important for most businesses in the 21st century. Services like Google Analytics have democratized the process for some, but overall big data remains out of reach for smaller organizations. Enter Datanyze. In a market where buying data can cost tens of thousands of dollars and is often outdated, Datanyze... Read More

Zopim Chat Integrates with Zendesk

Since our acquisition, both the Zopim and Zendesk engineering teams have been hard at work bringing the two platforms closer together. Today we’re proud to present Zopim Chat for Zendesk.   Chat with Customers from the Zendesk Dashboard At Zopim, we use Zendesk on a daily basis. It’s a great platform to manage all your conversations with... Read More

Reduced Service Hours – 13 to 15 May

The Zopim Team will  be busy cooking up something special in the next couple of days. Unfortuantely, this means that we won’t have have any live chat support on between the following times: Tuesday, 13 May 17:00 to Thursday, 15 May 17:00 (All times in SGT) We’re really sorry, but you can always email us... Read More

Spotlight: 91Trips Can Help Customize your Journey

Considering the intangible nature of ecommerce, its phenomenal growth in the past few years has been incredible. It seems that the ability to touch a product or physically speak to staff is not holding back sales. However, providing support to customers making a purchase can go a long way in reassuring them. That’s a major reason why car... Read More
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