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Spotlight: LawyerFair Increases Conversion with Direct Engagement

Although plenty of law firms have had their share of success with Zopim (Asons Solicitors signed up 9 new clients!), live chat has yet to make a significant dent in this industry. Part of the reason is that legal matters are often highly sensitive in nature and customers might be reluctant to share their concerns... Read More

Spotlight: Datanyze Understands the Value of Responsiveness

Analytics and big data are critically important for most businesses in the 21st century. Services like Google Analytics have democratized the process for some, but overall big data remains out of reach for smaller organizations. Enter Datanyze. In a market where buying data can cost tens of thousands of dollars and is often outdated, Datanyze... Read More

Spotlight: 91Trips Can Help Customize your Journey

Considering the intangible nature of ecommerce, its phenomenal growth in the past few years has been incredible. It seems that the ability to touch a product or physically speak to staff is not holding back sales. However, providing support to customers making a purchase can go a long way in reassuring them. That’s a major reason why car... Read More

Spotlight: Asons Solicitors Talk the Talk and Sign Up 9 New Clients

After launching live chat a couple of months ago, the function has easily become part of day to day life. The initially unfamiliar dashboard has proved intuitive, and we like to think the service has gone from strength to strength. Throughout this Spotlight series I have examined why we wanted live chat, how we made... Read More

Spotlight: Asons Solicitors Impresses with Live Chat

In previous pieces I’ve looked at why we wanted live chat and how we prepared for the launch. So with Zopim up and running, the next step is to let you know how the launch went… On your marks… We decided the introduction of our new website should coincide with the integration of Zopim, and at... Read More

Spotlight: TrueConf Processes Tickets 10 Times Faster with Zopim

Zopim’s users benefit from live chat in a variety of ways. Some improve their customer service, while other increase sales. Today’s Spotlight feature is on a company who, it turns out has been able to improve every facet of their customer interaction thanks to Zopim Live Chat. Our Spotlight today is on TrueConf, a Russian based... Read More

Spotlight: Prepaidzero Provides Support for Weary Travellers

One of the biggest hassles of travelling is calling any kind of tech support. You don’t want to waste the time or money, only to be put on hold. It’s your holiday! You should be out enjoying the sights, not chained to the phone. That’s why we were pleasantly surprised by Prepaidzero’s selfless view on... Read More

Spotlight: How VeraSafe Increases Satisfaction With Zopim Live Chat

VeraSafe has been on a mission to make website security and privacy easy for small and medium sized businesses. Our web-security and privacy management platform does just that, but we found that shoppers still need help deciding which plan fits their needs. Further, great customer service has always been at the core of our business model,... Read More

Spotlight: Asons Solicitors Ready for Lift-Off?

Although I outlined some of the reasons we wanted live chat (and Zopim) on the new Asons website, there were still a number of questions that needed to be answered. In today’s post I’ll be looking at some of the problems we faced and issues we had to resolve, prior to launch. Decisions had to be... Read More

Spotlight: Streamus Grows Up with Zopim

We’ve always maintained that Zopim’s success is its scalability. Whether you are a decades old travel agency or a young digital venture, Zopim grows concurrently with your needs. When Sean Anderson first installed Zopim on (a Chrome Extension that sits in your browser and lets you stream any YouTube video), his needs were limited.... Read More
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