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5 Steps to Make your eCommerce Shop More Social

You’ve built your eCommerce store, everything is up and running, customers are beginning to buy from you, but it’s still not enough. You want to take your shop to the next level – but how? The answer is simple, it’s not sufficient to have a well-designed store, you need to connect with your customers on... Read More

How IT Managers Can Tackle Social Media

Today’s guest post is written by Stefanie Amini, the Marketing Director and Specialist in Customer Success at WalkMe, the world’s first interactive online guidance system.    Technology can be a great blessing if it is used in an appropriate manner. On the other hand, it can be disastrous if you don’t know how to use it... Read More

5 Tips for Better Social Media Customer Service

This is a guest post by Nunzia Falco Simeone, marketing manager at Deskero a social media management platform for simple yet effective customer service   So, you finally realized that social media customer service is the new frontier of customer care. Good for you! Customers use social media to regularly engage with brands, and more often than not... Read More

Building Loyalty – How to Turn a Satisfied Customer into an Evangelist

There are satisfied customers, and then there are very satisfied customers. The difference between the two is that the latter tends to be what we term “customer evangelists” – superlatively pleased customers who will enthusiastically market your product by word-of-mouth on a purely voluntary basis. These fans are more than just merely happy customers; they are true... Read More

6 Tactics for Building a Social Media Following – The Zopim Way

Over the years Zopim has built a substantial and engaged following on Facebook and to a lesser extent on Twitter. The virality of Zopim live chat has been the key to this success, however we have also had to carefully cultivate our presence on social media. In this article we highlight the tactics we employed... Read More

Online Customer Support: Make it Personal, Make it Memorable

In the digital age, everything is about efficiency. Customers are unwilling to hold the phone and listen to lounge music for more than 10 seconds, much less 15 hours. Self-checkouts and F.A.Q. lists are often chosen over the more traditional analogue options. In general, customer interactions should aim to be quick, painless, and yet still... Read More

Control your Brand on Social Media

Businesses can be forgiven for assuming that social media is the best thing since sliced bread, and with good reason too. Never before have businesses been able to promote their products and communicate with customers with such speed and efficacy. Nevertheless, while social media is a cost-effective method of marketing and providing customer service, consumers... Read More

Communication Methods for Small Businesses: How to Choose Wisely

Regardless of the size of any business, communication is integral to its success. With the advancement of communication technology in recent times, businesses are spoilt for choice – different businesses have their own preferred communication methods of choice. With the myriad of communication technologies to choose from, it is sometimes difficult to determine which medium... Read More

A Truly ‘Social’ Media

It’s hard to deny that social media can improve your business. It allows your business to reach exaggerated amounts of people in a short amount of time. Once a single tweet goes viral, you can reach millions of people quicker than any other forms of media on earth. This means increased sales, publicity, branding, and... Read More

Don’t Klout your customer service

When CEO Joe Fernandez was recovering from jaw surgery, he relied on social media to communicate with people. Since he could not do much himself, he recommended restaurants, neighborhoods, and other interesting things and places for people to go. He noticed how people took his suggestions seriously and realized how influential he could be even... Read More

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