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5 Steps to Make your eCommerce Shop More Social

You’ve built your eCommerce store, everything is up and running, customers are beginning to buy from you, but it’s still not enough. You want to take your shop to the next level – but how? The answer is simple, it’s not sufficient to have a well-designed store, you need to connect with your customers on... Read More

Swim or Drown: What We Can Learn From Sharks

If you’ve ever seen Shark Week, the sensationalized Discovery series, your perception of sharks will be completely skewed. This impression is also prevalent in the business world, where a ‘shark‘ is someone who goes after what he wants with a total disregard for others and seemingly without a conscience. And although sharks are carnivorous and highly efficient predators,... Read More

Online v Offline Lead Conversion – Which is Better

Last month Salesforce put together a great infographic detailing the differences between online and offline leads. Since live chat deals primarily with leads coming from online sources, it’s useful to step back and consider some alternative methods of obtaining leads and how these leads can affect conversion. According to the infographic: The conversion rate for... Read More

7 Ways to Increase Online Sales

The sales process requires a number of steps before a lead is actually converted. Sometimes, businesses fail to give attention to this – of not really getting into the heads of their target customers. Thus, no trust is built, and sadly, no sale is made. If this happens to be something you’re concerned about, here... Read More

Brand Building 2013: Staying Ahead Of the Curve

The brand is the identity of your business and it is how people will view you, judge you, and make a decision about you. As the world of business continues to evolve, so has the world of branding. There are certain components that are mandatory for brand building in 2013 that weren’t even a discussion... Read More

The Three Essential Elements of Selling

If you intend to sell just for the sake of completing a transaction, you will find it difficult to establish a network that will drive your career in sales. Selling does not end when your customers patronize your products or services. Selling starts when the customer says “no”, which is why establishing good personal relations... Read More

The Evolution of the Sale

Shake hands, sign on the dotted line or click to confirm. The confirmation that a sale is complete may have changed, but the goal has always been the same: get new business. The sales process started out on foot, shifted to the telephone and has since morphed into an entirely new platform online. Sales is... Read More

5 Ways to Write Quality Content That is SEO Friendly

Although Google’s search engine algorithms are shrouded in mystery, they are widely accepted as a barometer for gauging the importance of your content on the internet. As a result, a cottage industry has developed that is focussed on gaming the rankings to receive favourable placement. However more often than not, “black-hat” SEO tactics do not work.... Read More

Spotlight: BaKare Beds and the Importance of Personalized Service

Since launching to critical acclaim in 2010 , Zopim live chat has helped thousands of companies grow their business and connect with their customers. In our new “Spotlight” series we want to take a moment to feature some of our customers and look at the exciting ways in which they are using Zopim Live Chat. Ecommerce companies make up... Read More

You Give Sales a Bad Name

Talk about sales, and immediately the image of the slick used car salesman comes to mind – with his heavily gelled hair, quick-fire sales pitch, and the musky smell of cologne hanging around him. Or maybe you would think of the numerous times you’ve been called by a random telemarketer (how on earth did he... Read More
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