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5 Secrets That Encourage Return Customers

Having users queue up outside one’s store is a pipe dream that every entrepreneur has had at some point in their journey. Whether it’s having worshippers queue up outside Apple’s retail church, getting fan mail raving about how much they think your product is like Starbucks, or having your brand define your users’ status as... Read More

8 Surprising Sales Lessons from Hollywood

As a rule, Hollywood doesn’t give sales people—or many other professions for that matter—the respect and dignified treatment they deserve. Instead, most films depict salespeople as either criminals or eccentric nut-cases in hopes of creating a good storyline. Nevertheless, Hollywood’s artistically skewed depiction of the sales process in movies like Boiler Room and The Pursuit of... Read More

Stop Confusing Customer Satisfaction With Loyalty

A customer walks into a donut store, queues up to purchase a cup of coffee, and a glazed donut. The queue shuffles along quickly, the salesperson behind the register performs her duties, smiles, hands over the change, and wishes the customer a great day ahead. The following day, the customer returns to the store to... Read More

Infographic: There’s a Chat for That

In recent years, companies have realized that providing customers with greater engagement opportunities can increase overall satisfaction and make their brands more appealing. Indeed, according to a report from the Aberdeen Group, 94% of organizations provide service and support across multiple channels (including, email, telephone, e-services, Web queries, remote support, social media, live chat, mobile... Read More

Subtle Sales Manipulation Tips to Increase Profits

With Halloween just around the corner, we wanted to feature an “evil” sales tactic: subtle sales manipulation. The art of influencing people is probably one of the most important weapons in your sales arsenal. Being able to make others feel special and appreciated is a skill not all sales individuals can master. Whether you call... Read More

The Four People you Have to Convince Before Making a Sale

Sales can be simple enough if you are a big brand with a bunch of loyal customers, such as Apple or Google. In the “business to consumer” (B2C) market, the consumer is spoilt for choice. Try heading over to the shampoo counter in the drug store and having a look at how many brands are... Read More

10 Copywriting Tips to Increase Your Sales

This Guest Post is by Nick Hall from Covert Copywriting. Nick shows us why writing great copy is an integral part of selling your product or service. You already know that words have power. Everybody in marketing and sales knows this. So, have you really worked on each and every word on each and every page?... Read More

6 Website Mistakes That Kill Sales

It’s 2014, and if your business does not have a website, does it even deserve to be called a business? In an effort to claim coveted online real estate, businesses have realized that having a website is a must. But what if your website turns out to be a dud? Instead of attracting more customers, does... Read More

Selling Smartly, Selling Well – Optimizing the Best Sales Tactics

Sales is critical to any business, and in an evolving world of multiple businesses, competing across multiple markets, with multiple products, it is necessary to adopt tactics that optimize the effectiveness and reach of sales. There is an enormous amount of material on sales strategies and tactics, ranging from the technical knowledge and experience of... Read More

The Sales Pitch – Not your Average Baseball Throw

We’ve all encountered that salesman who seems to have a singular talent in babbling incessantly on and on about his company’s product. Or the CSR who is obviously trying too hard to sell his product to you over the phone. At best, you might be slightly more convinced about the awesomeness of their product (slightly... Read More
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