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Sales Automation is Key – CRM Software Trends for 2014

In last week’s article we highlighted some of the key steps your organization needs to take to properly implement customer relationship management (CRM) software. In this week’s article I’ll be discussing software buying preferences of CRM suites and what this means for the market in 2014.   Buyers want Best-of-Breed and Cloud Based Solutions Software Advice... Read More

Brand Building 2013: Staying Ahead Of the Curve

The brand is the identity of your business and it is how people will view you, judge you, and make a decision about you. As the world of business continues to evolve, so has the world of branding. There are certain components that are mandatory for brand building in 2013 that weren’t even a discussion... Read More

Are You Undervaluing Your Email Marketing Campaigns?

At Zopim, we understand the importance of crafting the perfect email marketing campaign (yes, we’ve written a lot about it). This week, we are lucky to have Chris of Get Vero share his thoughts on the importance of conversion tracking in email marketing. How many opens did your last email newsletter get? What about clicks?... Read More

5 Ways to Write Quality Content That is SEO Friendly

Although Google’s search engine algorithms are shrouded in mystery, they are widely accepted as a barometer for gauging the importance of your content on the internet. As a result, a cottage industry has developed that is focussed on gaming the rankings to receive favourable placement. However more often than not, “black-hat” SEO tactics do not work.... Read More

Social Proof: The New Currency of Credibility

It is hard to go anywhere on the vast Internet and NOT see Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or some new-fangled social icon adorning the walls of websites. Whether you like Mark Zuckerberg’s mug or not, the social web is here to stay, and businesses that can integrate social proof into their marketing efforts seamlessly will... Read More

How to Increase Useful Live Chat Requests on your Website

So you’ve got a live chat widget on your website, and you’re ready for the first few chats to come in. You log into your instant messaging client, and you wait. And wait. But nobody’s chatting!   Simply placing a live chat widget on your website is no guarantee that anyone will actually use it.... Read More

Building Trust: 6 Ways to Create a Credible eCommerce Website

Although eCommerce is seeing exponential growth, users are becoming careful when making purchases online. With so many helpful guides available, people can determine very quickly, often within a split second, whether a website is authentic or not. So, what can you do to provide customers with piece of mind? In this article we’ve identified the 6 factors which... Read More
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