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Industry Insights on How to Build a Loyal Customer Base

Building a loyal customer base for your company can be a little like establishing a fan base for a sports team. In order to have ‘cheerleaders’ and obtain sponsorships you have to have some die-hard fans. Depending on the business type companies have certain models and strategies in place to attract the right ‘evergreen’ customers. In... Read More

How to Write a Compelling Email Subject That Gets Opened

Opening an e-mail is often a snap judgment. The reader sees the sender’s name and the subject line, and has little else to go by. As a result, the subject line plays a huge role in piquing the reader’s interest. Unfortunately, spam and “bait-and-switch” style emails are a common occurrence in most inboxes, so email recipients have... Read More

Picking the Best Keywords for Your Business

While offering a great product or service is essential to a business’ success, their online presence is just as important. Since the majority of consumers are using search engines to find products or services, it’s very important for a business to appear above their competitors in search results. The importance of positioning on a search... Read More

Whitepaper: How to Add Personality to your Customer Engagement Campaign

To download the whitepaper on customer engagement click here. In 1985, after years of extensive research, Coca-Cola unveiled its newest flavour titled “New Coke“. Despite millions of marketing dollars thrown at the product, it was a resounding failure. Customers did not agree with the change in taste and wanted “Classic Coke” back. Less than 3 months later,... Read More

How to Use Facebook to Target Specific Audiences

The ability to target your ad-campaign is one of the many benefits of the internet, and social media provides one of the very best opportunities. While you may reach a wide swath of your audience via traditional advertising channels, on social you can target not only by gender, but also by ages, locations, and many other... Read More

The Most Effective Websites Say, “Hello and How Can I Help You?”

You’ve poured a ton of effort into driving traffic to your website. You’re tapping into the spectrum of online marketing tactics, and practicing content marketing, social media, search, email marketing and more. New visitors begin to arrive to your website in droves. What happens next?   Should I Stay or Should I Go? Newcomers to... Read More

Extreme Makeover: How Can you Tell if your Website Needs a Redesign?

One of the biggest failures of any business today is neglecting its digital presence. Many companies erroneously believe that in order to be successful they simply need to have a Facebook page, but that is no longer enough. If you want your business to prosper, it’s imperative to have a great company website. Perhaps the most... Read More

Winning the World Cup of Customer Service with Consistent Goals

Soccer is a lot like running a business. Both can generate lots of money, but it can also be painful to watch when your team does poorly. The big difference here is that while in soccer you might get booed off the pitch when you lose in business, you lose actual paying customers. Your customers... Read More

The Essential Elements of Creative Content Marketing

Does your business actively update its blog, create posts for social media platforms and send well-crafted emails? Great! That is the foundation of content marketing. Producing quality content has become more and more important as Google refines its search criteria in an effort to shut down traffic-grabbing content mills. Creative content marketing can help your... Read More

What Businesses Can Learn from Spain’s Early World Cup Exit

What does it take to fall from grace? Just ask the Spanish football team. After being unceremoniously ejected from the 2014 FIFA World Cup, fans of the defending champions were in shock. Although it’s been a few days since Spain’s tika-taka maestros were knocked out, football pundits around the world are still trying to come to grips... Read More
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