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5 Secrets That Encourage Return Customers

Having users queue up outside one’s store is a pipe dream that every entrepreneur has had at some point in their journey. Whether it’s having worshippers queue up outside Apple’s retail church, getting fan mail raving about how much they think your product is like Starbucks, or having your brand define your users’ status as... Read More

The Role of Transparency in Small Businesses

The growth and evolution of technology has redefined our everyday lives and even some of our terminology. Think of the word viral and the term transparent—both of which have a different meaning when associated with businesses and the internet. While the basic definition of transparent is “see-through,” as a business term in today’s marketplace, it... Read More

10 Copywriting Tips to Increase Your Sales

This Guest Post is by Nick Hall from Covert Copywriting. Nick shows us why writing great copy is an integral part of selling your product or service. You already know that words have power. Everybody in marketing and sales knows this. So, have you really worked on each and every word on each and every page?... Read More

Are You Undervaluing Your Email Marketing Campaigns?

At Zopim, we understand the importance of crafting the perfect email marketing campaign (yes, we’ve written a lot about it). This week, we are lucky to have Chris of Get Vero share his thoughts on the importance of conversion tracking in email marketing. How many opens did your last email newsletter get? What about clicks?... Read More

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