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The Evolution of the Sale

 This guest post is by Eric Eckhard a former sales agent for a national moving company. These days he blogs about relocation and the moving industry. Shake hands, sign on the dotted line or click to confirm. The confirmation that a sale is complete may have changed, but the goal has always been the same: get new... Read More

Are You Undervaluing Your Email Marketing Campaigns?

At Zopim, we understand the importance of crafting the perfect email marketing campaign (yes, we’ve written a lot about it). This week, we are lucky to have Chris of Get Vero share his thoughts on the importance of conversion tracking in email marketing. How many opens did your last email newsletter get? What about clicks?... Read More

5 Tips for Better Social Media Customer Service

This is a guest post by Nunzia Falco Simeone, marketing manager at Deskero a social media management platform for simple yet effective customer service   So, you finally realized that social media customer service is the new frontier of customer care. Good for you! Customers use social media to regularly engage with brands, and more often than not... Read More

How To Deal With Rude Customers

 As a customer service representative, you need to be able to think on your feet and make clients feel happy in all kinds of situations –especially if there is a problem. Being able to strategize quickly and realize what you can actually do for the customer as opposed to what the customer wants from you... Read More

Quick Tips for Providing Awesome Customer Support via Email

This article is contributed by Prateek, CEO of SupportBee. A company which helps teams collaborate and deliver friendly customer support. If you want to hear more from Prateek you can follow Prateek on Twtiter @prateekdayal

Customers Expect Proactive Communication

Proactive communication can help companies increase their customer’s satisfaction because customers will feel that the company is looking out for their welfare. It also allows companies to introduce new innovation to their customers. But what exactly is proactive communication? Proactive is defined as acting in advance to deal with unexpected difficulty. Being proactive gets you... Read More

Guest Blogger: Warren Casell Jr – the Caribbean’s Youngest Entrepreneur

What were you doing when you were 8 years old? How about 13? If you were anything like me, you were probably going to school and playing games of sorts, be it with your friends or digitally. Whatever the case, it is a safe bet that you were not doing what Warren Cassell Jr. was... Read More

Rapleaf: Zopim Personalizes Customer Service

Zopim is the Rapleaf’s API Integration of the month! And it’s not a coincidence. We got the integration setup so easily and users have been really happy with advanced customer profiling they are getting ever since. Last but not least, I want to share with you a post that Irina from Rapleaf wrote:   Zopim... Read More

Zoho CRM features Zopim-Zoho CRM integration

Zopim is now integrated with Zoho CRM! To find out how it works, read our detailed guide here. Arvind from Zoho CRM has also published our guest post (below) on their blog. ********* Zopim integrates with Zoho CRM 31 Jan 2011 This is a guest post by Qing Ru, VP Marketing of Zopim. If there... Read More

Pull your customers closer with every chat

Patrick Allen, CEO of Webgreek and a daily Zopim user, shares with us how he builds great relationships with his customers by listening to and remembering everything they say, literally, with the Zopim-Highrise integration. ********* Pull your customers closer with every chat The big secret to our success here at Webgreek really isn’t a secret,... Read More

What is Zopim?

Zopim lets you have live conversations with visitors on your website. Our chat widget allows you to start genuine conversations with your visitors within minutes.

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