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Zop Update: Chat Rating – How Satisfied Are Your Customers?

In 2013, Zendesk’s Customer Satisfaction Benchmark made a startling revelation. Customers were most satisfied when receiving support over voice and live chat – beating out email, social and other channels. In truth, this didn’t surprise us a whole lot as we already knew the importance of 1:1 real-time engagement between agents and customers. What we... Read More

Customize Pre-Chat Greetings, Department Labels, and Offline Forms

Although it’s possible to customize Department Labels, Pre-Chat Greetings, and Offline Forms straight from the Zopim Dashboard, it doesn’t give you a lot of control. For example, a big limitation of changing the pre-chat greeting from the Dashboard is that the setting will apply to all the pages where the Zopim widget is enabled. So,... Read More

Spotlight: Love with Food Aces Customer Service with Analytics

The world is seeing a resurgence in healthy and sustainable eating. In the 2014 Lempert Report, Phil Lempert predicts that adults are increasingly motivated towards improving their eating quality or as he calls it “better for you snacking”. This dietary shift has fueled the growth of subscription-based snack provider Love with Food. Based in San... Read More

Zop Update: Introducing Analytics – Give your Data a Voice

Update (27/4/15): With the launch of Zopim Premium, we have extended Analytics to include Agent Reports. Agent Reports provides you with metrics on your agents productivity and performance. Read more about Agent Reports and how it can benefit your business here.     Ever since launching Zopim live chat, our singular goal has been to... Read More

Zopim iOS App Updated

Update (24/9/14): We’ve released version 0.5.11 into the App Store. It should fix most of the issues people have been having with iOS8. Please go ahead, download it and let us know if your problem’s been fixed. Update (18/9/14): We’ve verified that the current release runs in the official iOS8 update. Our engineers will continue monitoring,... Read More

How to Route Chats to Specific Departments using Triggers

We’ve launched a new feature which automatically routes incoming chats to active agents. Introducing Chat Routing.   Zopim’s two most popular features are undoubtedly Departments and Triggers. Both these features are incredibly powerful and can help you increase your chat requests and streamline your workflow. Today, we’re improving both Departments and Triggers by introducing automated chat... Read More

9 Zopim API Tricks to Hack Live Chat

We frequently update Zopim and add exciting new features, but it’s impossible for us to anticipate the needs of every single customer. This is why we created the Zopim API to allow users to modify the chat widget. The average Zopim user may never have heard of the term “API” (an acronym for “Application Programming Interface”), nor would... Read More

Zopim Chat Integrates with Zendesk

Since our acquisition, both the Zopim and Zendesk engineering teams have been hard at work bringing the two platforms closer together. Today we’re proud to present Zopim Chat for Zendesk.   Chat with Customers from the Zendesk Dashboard At Zopim, we use Zendesk on a daily basis. It’s a great platform to manage all your conversations with... Read More

5 Zopim Shortcuts That Will Save you Time

What’s the first thing you say to a customer asking for help over live chat? For most of us, including Zopim’s customer service reps, it’s something along these lines: Hi! Welcome to Zopim, how can I help you today? That took me just over 9 seconds to type, a small amount of time, but imagine... Read More

Zop Video: Getting Started with Zopim Live Chat

This video is the complete version of our Zop Tutorial Video series. Welcome to our tour of Zopim Live Chat. In this tutorial video you’ll learn how to: 1. Sign up for a Free Account: 2. Embed the Chat Widget: 3. Chat with your Customers: 4. Chat in Different Languages: 5.... Read More
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What is Zopim?

Zopim lets you have live conversations with visitors on your website. Our chat widget allows you to start genuine conversations with your visitors within minutes.

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