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Improve Employee Productivity with Flextime

In enhancing employee performance and welfare, “flextime” is an increasingly crucial “flexwork” tool. Flextime enables greater productivity, especially when integrated with cloud computing applications such as Dropbox and Google Drive. Time is not a meaningful KPI in knowledge work, given technical improvements have reduced the link between productivity and time. This gels with the emerging wisdom... Read More

Infographic: Hiring the Right People for Customer Service

Did you know that 75% of consumers say they have given companies more business because of a history of positive customer service experiences? Any veteran reader of this Blog will immediately understand the importance of providing awesome customer service.  But sometimes poor customer service is not directly the fault of the company or its policies. After all... Read More

7 Tips to Build the Perfect Team

Your organization may have excellent infrastructure, great physical resources, and benevolent leadership. But, how good is your team? The people who actually make your company tick. The success and failure of your organization can often hinge on whether you’ve put together the perfect team. Here’s 7 tips to make that happen.     1. Have... Read More

Top 5 Motivators to Help you Manage your Small Business

Managing your small business effectively starts with employee motivation. To keep your staff happy and loyal to your company, it is imperative you understand the different types of motivators, as each employee will be motivated by varying factors.  When you truly understand what drives your staff, you can ensure you incorporate all the tools necessary... Read More

Minimize Business Costs Through Flexplacing & Coworking

Amongst the overheads involved in running a business, the labor costs and rent take up the majority of expenses. In land-scarce cities like Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Singapore, or in the densely built-up concrete jungle of New York, rent remains one of the major costs of doing business. Rents tend to either stagnate or increase... Read More

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