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What is Your E-Commerce Business Worth?

Understanding the value of your E-commerce business is a crucial part of being a successful owner. Whether it is because you want to sell or because you are just trying to keep track of where your business stands, getting an accurate estimate is important. However, if you don’t know how to valuate your own business’... Read More

Whitepaper: How to Add Personality to your Customer Engagement Campaign

To download the whitepaper on customer engagement click here. In 1985, after years of extensive research, Coca-Cola unveiled its newest flavour titled “New Coke“. Despite millions of marketing dollars thrown at the product, it was a resounding failure. Customers did not agree with the change in taste and wanted “Classic Coke” back. Less than 3 months later,... Read More

What Businesses Can Learn from Spain’s Early World Cup Exit

What does it take to fall from grace? Just ask the Spanish football team. After being unceremoniously ejected from the 2014 FIFA World Cup, fans of the defending champions were in shock. Although it’s been a few days since Spain’s tika-taka maestros were knocked out, football pundits around the world are still trying to come to grips... Read More

5 Steps to Make your eCommerce Shop More Social

You’ve built your eCommerce store, everything is up and running, customers are beginning to buy from you, but it’s still not enough. You want to take your shop to the next level – but how? The answer is simple, it’s not sufficient to have a well-designed store, you need to connect with your customers on... Read More

Social Proof: The New Currency of Credibility

It is hard to go anywhere on the vast Internet and NOT see Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or some new-fangled social icon adorning the walls of websites. Whether you like Mark Zuckerberg’s mug or not, the social web is here to stay, and businesses that can integrate social proof into their marketing efforts seamlessly will... Read More

Building Trust: 6 Ways to Create a Credible eCommerce Website

Although eCommerce is seeing exponential growth, users are becoming careful when making purchases online. With so many helpful guides available, people can determine very quickly, often within a split second, whether a website is authentic or not. So, what can you do to provide customers with piece of mind? In this article we’ve identified the 6 factors which... Read More

What is Zopim?

Zopim lets you have live conversations with visitors on your website. Our chat widget allows you to start genuine conversations with your visitors within minutes.

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