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[Help Haiyan Victims] Thanks to your Support we Raised over $20,000!!

Two weeks ago we launched the Help Haiyan Victims campaign to raise awareness and funding for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Our goal was in two parts. First, we wanted to get our network of users to change their Zopim widget to our custom “Help Haiyan Victims” theme. Our aim was to put... Read More

Join Us in Helping Haiyan Victims

[Update: Thanks to the kind contributions of everyone in the Zopim community we managed to raise a total of $20,035] Leaving millions homeless, Typhoon Haiyan has become one of the deadliest natural disasters to hit the Philippines. Far worse than Hurricane Katrina, 5.4 million children have been affected. Please read the coverage on BBC for... Read More

The Bottom Line of Corporate Social Responsibility

The early 2000s was a bad time for corporations, marking the turning point for the reputation of the entire sector. The downfall of businesses began with the Enron scandal in October 2001, and the subsequent witch-hunt revealed massive corporate fraud across an impressive array of companies. Corporations were never to be seen in the same... Read More

Imagine an Internet of Darkness

[Update 19 Jan 2012] Big thanks to all our users for supporting and understanding our stance. Your supportive tweets, link backs, and words of encouragement are greatly appreciated. We’ve reverted chat bubbles back to the default orange for all users. If you, like ourselves, wish to carry on protesting the bill, and raise the black... Read More

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