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New Dashboard Launched!

It seemed like just yesterday when we rolled out Zopim ver0.2 on 8 Apr 2008, which was quite an overhaul of our initial prototype. Five short months later, here we are again, announcing the release of our spanking shiny new dashboard, along with some improvements to the visitor’s chat experience. This wasn’t your typical makeover.... Read More

Email boo-boos (its your fault interface designers!)

I was reading an interface design blog (Peachpit’s “Stupid User Syndrome”) describing how web users inadvertently make mistakes or often change their minds and need a way to undo the minor / major changes (damages) done. Coupled with the recent hilarious email boo-boos I’ve witnessed recently, I concluded that one of the worst irreversible mistakes... Read More

Showcase at E27 UnConference, 12 July

Zopim is having a mini showcase this Saturday, 12 July, at Biopolis. We are part of a line up of startups showcasing at E27 UnConference, a sharing session hosted by E27 where the topics are usually arranged by the attendees themselves. Unlike conventional “conferences”, its an open social platform where people come together to discuss... Read More

Blog Migration Magic (from Blogger to WordPress)

the following observations applies only to wordpress, the self-hosted blog software.. You’re looking at our blog revamp! It took only a day to migrate from blogger to wordpress, including customizing the template to look the way it is now, and I thought I’d take some time to rave about it. Having migrated from wordpress to... Read More

Webpage Makeover (Part II)

This is an update on the status of our webpage makeover. It is still under way, but we’ve managed to get a couple more pages up, such as features, contact us, and learn more, to provide more information about our product. It is still pretty barebones for now, but at least there are no more... Read More

Leaving for Sunny California on 12th May

This month’s an exciting month for Zopim, we’ll be all over the place, literally. Our designer will still be in town attending her graduation ceremony. Some of us will be in the Bay Area (California) to work our hats off, while one of us will be touring Europe for 3 weeks. Talk about equality… =)... Read More

Webpage Makeover!

If you happened to surf here via our webpage, you’d have noticed our *spanking* new design! We actually got the finalized design sometime last week, thankfully our in-house designer, tengwan picked up html and css quickly enough to whip up the webpage! The design was created with simplicity and fun in mind, hence the bright... Read More

More improvements

This week’s version release includes the following requested features along with other bug fixes.Visitor-side Immediate loading of chat button while visitor is surfing Cached chat button / status Desktop-side Flashing title when there is an incoming chat (Meebo-style) To get the attention of customers who do not have sound notifications enabled Confirmation message before closing... Read More

ZopIM Version 0.2.2

We’d like to thank our users for their feedback and bug reports. To make it even easier for you to send feedbacks, there is now a feedback button within the desktop itself. And your submission goes straight into our issue tracking system! We’ll be rolling out more of these weekly minor releases, so keep your... Read More

ZopIM Releases Version 0.2

This post is kinda outdated, but necessary nonetheless to update our users on how we’ve been improving ZopIM in the past few months. Do try it to have a feel of it and let us know what you think! Our release went live on a quiet Wednesday nite 2 weeks ago. The minor bug fixes... Read More
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What is Zopim?

Zopim lets you have live conversations with visitors on your website. Our chat widget allows you to start genuine conversations with your visitors within minutes.

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