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New in Labs: Department Feature

In keeping with our long-standing tradition of listening to you our user, we’ve introduced Labs. With Labs, we hope to bring new ideas to you early in the development process, so you can give us feedback on how you want it improved before it makes its way to full production. In this release we have... Read More

You asked, we delivered!

We take great satisfaction (and concrete steps) in meeting our users’ expectations! That’s why we are excited to announce that some of the popular feature requests have been rolled out as part of our recent launch release. Here’s a list of some of those features. Do keep your feedback and requests rolling in via the... Read More

Why are there so little visitors in my visitor list?

For our users who have been used to the old visitor list, you must be wondering why there are suddenly so little visitors on that list. Don’t worry, your website traffic didn’t suddenly dip! Here’s why.. Many of you are interested in talking only visitors who are actively surfing on your site. So there really... Read More

Dress up your website the way you want!

Plasticky Theme In Light Coral & Olive Green   Simple Solid Theme In Black & Fushsia   Alphacube Theme In Dark Magenta & Light Cyan Chat Window now available in 3 different themes, in all colors.

Letting you in on a little surprise…

If it has been pretty quiet on Zopim’s blog, don’t worry, we are not sleeping on our desktops and servers. In fact, we have been working hard (as usual ;p ) on building a huge surprise for you: a renewed Zopim experience, with the features you have been asking for! You all have made tons of... Read More

Mobile Live Chat Support for free!

<This will work for all IM Clients that allows you to forward messages to your mobile phone. Unfortunately for AIM and GTalk, this feature is only available within the US> Are you looking for a chat solution that helps you stay connected to visitors on your website even while you’re not online? Call it Live... Read More

Fuss-free customer service starts with Zopim Smart Responder

Imagine, if there is a smart Live Chat solution that thinks and suggests responses to your visitor’s questions, you can save so much time and effort! You don’t have to think about what you need to say You don’t have to keep typing the same thing over and over again You don’t have to manually... Read More

Reply directly to your visitors via IM!

As many of you would have realised by now, you can choose to receive notifications of incoming visitors or chat requests on your IM when you’re away from the dashboard. Recently we have also added a new feature that allows you to reply to incoming chat messages directly from your own IM Client. Yes, this... Read More

Forms available in Offline Mode

We are blessed to have users who shares our philosophy on providing superior customer service. We all want to be able to attend to the needs of their customers, even though we may currently be busy or unavailable. This is why we often get feature requests from customers who wants to provide customer service on... Read More

Inline Chat Windows – Why Popup Chat Windows just don’t cut it

The reason why zopim came into existence was because of the many many problems that traditional live chat solutions or chat widgets had, especially for business owners who are trying to sell effectively via their websites. One of the problems we wanted to solve was the clunky chat interface for your visitors. If you value... Read More
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What is Zopim?

Zopim lets you have live conversations with visitors on your website. Our chat widget allows you to start genuine conversations with your visitors within minutes.

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