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Things about Valentine’s Day we bet you never knew

We bet you never knew that 7.7 million women in the U.S. buy roses for themselves on Valentine’s Day. Or that the number of cards sent in the U.S. is enough to go around the world 5 times when laid end to end. Trace the billions of dollars that people around the world splurge on... Read More

Awards are rolling in!

Over the past couple of years, we’ve been consistently innovating and making improvements to your favorite Live Chat solution. Seems like our efforts haven’t been in vain =) We’ve been receiving great reviews and compliments via live chat, email, twitter, etc.. Recently, more good news arrived in the form of awards! Our yardstick for success... Read More

Scheduled Maintenance is complete

Our scheduled maintenance was brought forward by 12 hours and started at around 430pm GMT. It lasted longer than expected but service has now resumed and you should be able to use Zopim as per normal again. Our bleary-eyed techs will continue to monitor the service. Thanks for the patience, have a great weekend ahead.... Read More

Idle visitors will be removed after 30mins

We’ve always been big about reducing clutter and unnecessary information. Today we took another step in that direction by removing idle visitors from your visitor’s list. Here’s how it works: If a visitor doesn’t show signs of mouse / keyboard activities after 10 minutes, he will be moved into the “Idle” list. By default our... Read More

Upgrading Servers (last updated: 0315GMT)

Update 5 August 2010, 0130GMT What to do if you’re experiencing problems loading the dashboard 1) Clear your browser cache. Instructions for Firefox (Windows), Chrome (Windows) 2) Quit and restart your browser. If you’re still unable to log into, use this URL: for the time being. Once the old DNS records expire, you... Read More

Zopim’s IM commands just got even more powerful!

* for information on how to link zopim up with your favorite IM (Gtalk, MSN, Yahoo, AIM) networks, please read this earlier post. To start off this post, Zopim doesn’t just allow you to reply to customers on your website via Instant Messaging (IM) clients, we also allow you to use commands and access information... Read More

Copycat – Outsourcing FAIL

Hilarious! Here’s how to ensure an outsourcing FAIL, especially if you’re an outsourcing company: Outsourcing company emails company (cloner) that wants to clone Zopim Cloner asks for a quotation from Outsourcing company for cloning Zopim Outsourcing company responds AND COPIES Zopim in the email Zopim.. *Jawdrops at extent of FAIL* Every now and then, we notice companies attempting... Read More

Zopim’s Shopify Live Chat App now available!

We’ve recently launched our Shopify Live Chat App. Now Shopify users can effortlessly add Zopim Live Chat to their online store. For Shopify shop owners, Zopim Live Chat is a dead-easy live chat solution that allows you to track and chat with visitors on your website in real time. You would also get a beautiful... Read More

New IM Setup

[UPDATE: Due to breaking changes from Skype, Google Talk, and AIM, we have no choice but to stop integration of IM clients. Please read this post for more details]. It’s probably not new to everyone that Zopim works awesome with the 4 major Instant Messaging (IM) networks out there, namely Gtalk, MSN, Yahoo and AIM. However, the challenging... Read More

Service back up!

Earlier today, we tweeted that Zopim is currently down due to an issue with -> – hopefully it is resolved soon. Our service is now back up. We will be monitoring the situation and keeping in contact with our hosting provider to get more information regarding the outage. We do apologize for the downtime that... Read More
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What is Zopim?

Zopim lets you have live conversations with visitors on your website. Our chat widget allows you to start genuine conversations with your visitors within minutes.

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