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Zopim Is Now a Zendesk Company!

We’ve got some big news at Zopim, and we want to share it with you, our beloved customers. The Dream In 2008, we started Zopim with the vision of changing the way businesses communicate with their customers online. We re-imagined live chat and the chat widget design. Since coming out of beta in 2010, we’ve... Read More

Skype and Zopim (beta)

[UPDATE: Due to breaking changes from Skype, Google Talk, and AIM, we have no choice but to stop integration of IM clients. Please read this post for more details]. Brace yourselves, this could be the biggest news for Skype since their acquisition by Microsoft ;P Since our official launch back in 2010, Zopim has allowed you to chat... Read More

Server migration – 20 Jan 2013

Ever since Hurricane Sandy, which brought down our service along with many others, we have been thinking of ways to further improve our service reliability, and increase our protection against catastrophic events. In the past few month, we’ve also encountered downtimes stemming from our web hoster, which further strengthened our resolve to improve our hosting situation. Thus,... Read More

UX Series Ep. 3 – Easy Switching Between Dashboards

[Summary] We are making it easy for you to switch between the classic Flash-based Dashboard, and the new HTML5 Dashboard that we’ve been blogging about. You will notice a new login form at Log in as usual, and the User Interface should guide you along. If you’d like more details, read on.. We greatly appreciate... Read More

Important – Server Migration Downtime

[Update: 14 May 2012] Good news as updated below in red. We have managed to condense this migration to within one maintenance window. Friday, May 18 2012, 11PM to 5AM EST (UTC-5) * Details: Do note however that this isn’t a straightforward operation. Voxel was unable to comply with our request to move all servers... Read More

UX Series Ep 2 – [Widget Design] Is Less More?

* Note: This post specifically relates to the design of the chat widget on our own website. It is still undergoing testing, but we’d like to gather some feedback before introducing it as a replacement for the current default design. Some of you might have noticed subtle changes to Zopim’s chat widget over the weekend.... Read More

Scheduled Maintenance – 28 Apr 2012

Dear users, We will be performing regular maintenance of our servers on Saturday 28 Apr 2012 at 11PM PDT for approximately two hours.  During this period, Zopim’s Live Chat service will not be available. Hope to have your patience and understanding on this!

UX Series Ep 1 – New Dashboard

This is the first post in our user experience (UX) discussion series featuring our new dashboard. Many of you are really excited about the new dashboard and want a say in how it eventually turns out. So we thought it would be good for us to share our design considerations, and to have an open... Read More

Imagine an Internet of Darkness

[Update 19 Jan 2012] Big thanks to all our users for supporting and understanding our stance. Your supportive tweets, link backs, and words of encouragement are greatly appreciated. We’ve reverted chat bubbles back to the default orange for all users. If you, like ourselves, wish to carry on protesting the bill, and raise the black... Read More

Connection problems resolved

[Update 5 Jan 2012] We’re pleased to update that the connection problems – that a small percentage of you have been facing – have been resolved. It’s our responsibility to give everyone a reasonable account of what happened, but it’s quite a challenge given this topic requires a fair amount of technical knowledge. That being... Read More
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