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Why Customer Service Worsens As You Grow

It seems apparent that as a business grows, it has more resources and thus will offer better  customer service. However, it’s shocking that big players like Delta Airways, Twitter and AT&T fare badly on the CSAT scale. In fact, whether it’s Bank of America’s (13th biggest company in the world) Twitter Fail or Comcast’s epicly... Read More

Agent Autonomy: Choose The Carrot, Not The Stick

It’s hard to decide between the carrot and the stick when it comes to managing a customer service team.While it may be tempting to take on a authoritarian approach in handling your chat agents, sometimes the stricter regime doesn’t always guarantee greater success. In particular, the question of whether it is better to give agents... Read More

Change of address: our new Singapore office

This article originally appeared on the Zendesk’s blog.  The sun never sets on Zendesk: We’re a global company with operations on five continents. Setting up shop around the world is especially important to us because our product is used by organizations in 150 countries and territories to provide support in more than 40 languages. This week,... Read More

The Secret to Amazon’s Customer Loyalty Success

Looking at the insane effort customers went through to lay their hands on the new iPhone 6, it’s easy to see why many thought Apple would win the customer loyalty game. However, a study conducted in 2011 by research company Brand Keys revealed that while Apple was doing a great job in keeping customers loyal,... Read More

3 Steps To Achieving Customer Satisfaction And Loyalty

Isn’t it enough that customers find a product appealing, the service up to scratch and the price reasonable? The answer is no! A customer that says “yes” to all of the above might be satisfied with your product, but loyalty is a whole different matter altogether. In our previous article, we discussed the difference between satisfaction and... Read More

Stop Confusing Customer Satisfaction With Loyalty

A customer walks into a donut store, queues up to purchase a cup of coffee, and a glazed donut. The queue shuffles along quickly, the salesperson behind the register performs her duties, smiles, hands over the change, and wishes the customer a great day ahead. The following day, the customer returns to the store to... Read More
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