Since Zopim’s acquisition, we’ve been busy integrating live chat into the Zendesk family of products. We’ve launched dozens of new features, doubled our engineering team, and worked hard to make the best chat product available. For over two years now, Zopim has been an essential part of the Zendesk multiproduct suite. Today it officially becomes a part of the Zendesk brand.

Introducing Zendesk Chat

This exciting step forward will allow us to offer a better, more integrated experience with Zendesk Chat. You will be able to use the world’s leading live chat solution alongside Zendesk family of products. But fear not: there won’t be any changes to your pricing or packaging.

The Zendesk family of products

Zendesk’s redesign reflects the company’s expansion beyond customer service. Each of the seven products in its family (see below) is represented with a logo that shows the interaction of everyday shapes as symbols of the relationship between a customer and business. For example, the two quarter circles facing one another represent Zendesk Chat.

The new Zendesk Chat brand appears throughout our website, social media profiles, mobile apps, and the web dashboard. Not only does the new branding align Chat with the rest of the Zendesk family, it also makes it easier for you (our customer) to find the right products to serve your own customers.

The products included in the rebrand are:

  • Zendesk Support: A beautifully simple system for tracking, prioritizing, and solving customer support tickets
  • Zendesk Help Center: A self-service destination with a knowledge-base, interactive forums, and community that helps customers help themselves
  • Zendesk Talk: Phone support and call center software for a personal and focused conversation with customers
  • Zendesk Message: Message software that helps companies engage customers on their favorite messaging apps

We’re also launching an early-access program for two new products:

  • Zendesk Connect: Customer intelligence software built for targeted campaigns and proactive engagement
  • Zendesk Explore: Analytics to help measure and understand the entire customer experience

The new Zendesk family of products represents the company’s shift from a single customer service product to a unified set of products all focused on improving customer relationships. It helps organizations understand their customers, improve communication, and offer support where and when it’s needed most.

Click here to explore Zendesk’s family of products.

Don’t worry - today’s rebrand does not change how your agents interact with customers nor how your customers communicate with your team.


Another big change is that this will also be our final post on this iteration of the Zopim Blog. Since our first post in 2008, this blog has been the hub that connected our customers to the Zopim product and brand. It was a source for guidance on using live chat, information on marketing and sales, and of course strategies for building a robust customer service organization. With the launch of the new Zendesk brand and Zendesk Chat, it’s now the right time to bring our blogs together.

Our new home will be on Zendesk’s Blog under the Zendesk Chat section. You’ll find some of our favorite older posts there as well as a bunch of new ones. And as always, you’ll find the latest product announcements in the Dashboard and the Zendesk Chat Help Center.

Gam xia!
(Thank you from all of us here in Singapore)

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