Wonderful Union is a fan engagement company that builds websites for some of the biggest names in the music industry, like Backstreet Boys and Taylor Swift. Their Fan Support Team is trained to answer questions about the functionality of their sites and services.

Before chat, Wonderful Union provided support via phone, email, Twitter, and Facebook. Fans who had questions could not initiate contact through the same website they found contact details and had to leave the Wonderful Union site in order to initiate contact.

After adding live chat to their website, Wonderful Union introduced a new form of dialogue. Thanks to the convenience of the in-site widget, fans began to initiate chats to have a conversation and not just when they had questions.


Comments Directed Towards The Artist

Since artists rarely post their contact information publicly, fans use chat as an outlet to express their feelings or even ask for personal favors.

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While chatting with fans, Wonderful Union’s Fan Support Team makes it clear that they are not the artist. Depending on the situation, questions are sometimes directed to other outlets so fans can get more accurate information. For example, when fans ask about event ticketing, they usually direct them to relevant merchants.

The ability to paste links directly in the chat window, also helps the support team redirect fans.


Questions For Other Companies

On several of the Wonderful Union sites, content and merchandise are handled by third-parties. So, they occasionally receive questions that are not related to their service.

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Shortcuts come in handy in such situations as they can use canned responses to redirect them to the relevant website.


General Questions About The Artist

Fans know their favorite artist better than anyone. So if they don’t know the answer, and they’re asking via chat, the questions are usually challenging! For example, this question was about My Morning Jacket band.

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Responding to fans on live chat allows the Fan Support Team to run quick Google searches and respond to them with accurate information.


Requests For Unannounced Information

Rumors spread quickly amongst fans, especially about events that they think will be announced soon.

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While Wonderful Union never announces anything early, live chat is a great platform to redirect fans to mailing lists so they can stay updated about events.

Also, the ability to multitask on live chat allows Wonderful Union to deal with quick questions more efficiently, thus helping more fans in a smaller amount of time.

Wonderful Union is also able to make use of shortcuts to answer common customer enquiries. For example, using the shortcut “BSB” allows customer service agents to respond to questions regarding the Backstreet Boys’ VIP packages.


Customer Service Is Better With Live Chat



Wonderful Union has had over 17,000+ chats in their first year with Zopim and has successfully maintained a high satisfaction rate of 90.5%. Live chat has also become their most used and highly rated communications channel.

While being able to multi-task and use shortcuts have benefitted them by shortening problem resolution times, Wonderful Union still retains the personal touch by asking customers if they had a good time or if they require any additional help.


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