Finding the perfect fishing adventure can take some work. It’s not a one man show, because besides needing boats, you also need a captain to run it. Fishfishme has been helping people take the pain out of planning their perfect fishing holiday since 2012. They cover some of the best fishing spots in the world and is the easiest way to book your next fishing trip; hook, line and sinker.


Fishfishme have been using Zopim since the launch of their site in 2013. Initially, Zopim was their replacement tool for speaking with customers (they started off with WhatsApp), but it has since become their most effective communication’s channel.


Professional Enterprise Tool

When Fishfishme first opened its website to the public, there were only a limited number of requests from customers. So, they used WhatsApp as their primary communications channel. However, they soon found WhatsApp to be too distracting and not scalable.

They switched to Zopim in order to create a professional image for the business, while maintaining ease of use. Customers feel comfortable connecting with Fishfishme through live chat because it is a business tool. When chatting on Zopim, customers can be sure that they are speaking to an agent from Fishfishme, rather than a faceless individual on Whatsapp.

Collecting Ideas and Feedback

Not all customers who speak to Fishfishme find what they are looking for. However, live chat provides them with a perfect avenue to find out what customers need and what their service lacks.

Imagine a customer that heads to the site looking for something specific—like meals while on a fishing trip. They find no information on the site and proceed to speak with an agent on live chat. Their questions shed light on how Fishfishme can do better and provides the business with new product ideas.


Monitoring Site Visitors

Fishfishme uses Zopim to monitor the number of site visitors and the pages they are currently on. This allows them to target specific users and offer them guidance if they happen to encounter a problem. For example, they take special notice of visitors in the checkout process and make sure they have a smooth experience when making a purchase.

Fishfisme has also set up Triggers to offer customers help even before they can reach out with a question. This anticipatory customer service leaves visitors with the impression that Fishfishme is always willing to lend a helping hand.

By asking “How can I help you today” when a customer lands on the Contact Us page, Fishfishme saves them the trouble of having to look for a point of contact. Also, they impress by being efficient and predictive.


50% Of Fishfishme Customers Make A Booking Through Zopim


Till today, FishFishMe has served over 2500 chats and averages 120—150 chats a day. They’ve successfully arranged fishing trips more than 5000 people from 20 different nationalities find their perfect fishing adventure.

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