There’s nothing we love more than writers who are passionate about customer service, have interesting story ideas, and are always ready to pitch. That’s why we’re putting out an open call for all writers that have a flair for writing and a strong interest in the art of providing great customer support.

If that’s your life story, then we want you on the Zopim blog.


Wanted: Freelance Writers



Our blog is a trusted resource for quality content on customer service so we ask that all articles are informative and well written.

We used to write on a wide range of business topics, from SEO to growth hacks and product management. However, we’ve decided to narrow our focus to only about topics relating to customer service.

English does not have to be your strongest language, but you do have to be able to put across your ideas in a succinct and intelligible manner.

The topics submitted for pitching should also be interesting and provide additional insights to readers interested in customer service.



No specific qualifications are required, but if you have writing samples, do include their links when filling up the contact form.

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Chow Li Ying

Chow Li Ying

Content Marketing Intern at Zopim
A stunning blend of imagination, wit and sarcasm—balanced by an unabashed love for romance. Learning from only the best at Zopim and laments about life here.