WeTheChic, a bohemian ecommerce portal, provides customers with unique apparel designs at affordable prices. Customers get to browse and shop for indie chic fashion apparel in the comfort of their own homes and have desired products brought to their doorsteps.

However, like most online retailers, there’s always a need to reassure customers through verified payment platforms like PayPal or personable customer service. WeTheChic faces the same problem and they’ve chosen to win customers over through the use of live chat and the human touch.


Providing Reassurance Through Live Chat


When customers face a problem or have a query while they’re shopping online, they’ll want to speak with someone who can solve their issues. Before live chat was implemented on WeTheChic’s website, customers had to dial in to speak with a support agent. Besides being cumbersome, the local phone number prevented international customers from phoning in due to time zone differences and international call charges.


With live chat, WeTheChic is able to answer customer queries regardless of location and provide a human connection between their customers and the business. This helps reassure customers who have problems trusting online retailers. Besides reassurance, this human touch provided through live chat can also help boost sales and increase conversions.


Smooth Experience For Businesses




When WeTheChic was evaluating live chat platforms, they found a several open-source solutions that met their requirements. However, they were won over by Zopim when they ran speed tests on their site after the widget was embedded. Unlike other live chat providers, Zopim’s chat widget loaded without interruptions or delays and provided a smooth experience for both WeTheChic and their customers.


Comfortable And Easy Usage


While there are many live chat providers out there, WeTheChic chose Zopim because their customer support agents were comfortable using the simple dashboard. It might be useful to provide your support team with elaborate equipment and software, but ultimately, it is their ability to use these tools efficiently that’ll make a noticeable difference to the quality of support provided.


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Chow Li Ying

Chow Li Ying

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