To small businesses, customer relationships are extremely important. To show their commitment to customers, furniture design and manufacturing company Zespoke allows customers to personalize the style of their furniture and makes each one individually to suit their needs.

Zespoke originally started using Zopim in an effort to increase their conversion rates and improve the experience customers have on their retail site. Today, the company also uses live chat to reassure customers making a purchase and to build a credible online reputation with responsive after sales service.


Being there for your customers

For businesses with a small support team, Zopim can prove useful in providing support, even when agents are not physically in front of their computers. Zespoke agents use Zopim to provide customers with support on the move through using  our mobile apps (both Android and iOS compatible).

Since customers seeking support appear as a chat request, it’s easy for businesses to simply pick up their phones and respond to customer queries, even when they’re out and about.

Live chat is a more efficient method of communicating with your customers, because an agent has the ability to multi-task even while they’re replying to chats.

Compared to a phone help line, where a support member has to be in a quiet environment to respond, users can reply to chat requests on crowded trains or noisy restaurants without affecting support quality. This way, support hours are easily extended as long as an agent is available to chat via mobile.


Provide a unique offering

The beauty of live chat is that it allows customers to reach you at any point in their purchasing process. For an online retailer like Zespoke, that means customers can contact them via the most convenient method—a widget on their website, as compared to having to make a phone call or send out an email.

Having a personal conversation with your customers gives you the opportunity to tailor your response to each individual scenario and respond with a unique offering. This can help convince customers to proceed to complete their purchase.

For example, for a small business like Zespoke, live chat provides the opportunity to offer discounts that are tailored to their customer’s profile.



Live chat is a more personal and efficient way of connecting with your customers. It’s almost as if customers are physically walking into your store, picking up items and negotiating prices with you.

Sometimes, providing a platform for customers to connect with you sends out a strong message: that you’re willing to answer their questions and be there for them whenever they need help. It makes your customers feel happier, valued and encourages them to revisit. Before you know it, you’ve gotten a loyal customer that’s interested in building a long-lasting relationship with your company.

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