Digital marketing may be stealing the limelight now, but print is far from dead. In fact, depending on the demographic of your target audience, traditional marketing methods such as flyers, name cards, and posters might be more effective than digital ones.

The Mail Shark is the print equivalent of a digital ad agency, offering, design, printing and direct mailing services. They specialize in creating industry specific marketing programs that aim to drive sales all year round.

They’ve also been loyal Zopim users since August 2013.

Finding Customers The Perfect Agent


The Mail Shark originally went with Zopim, because our powerful Department’s feature allowed them to segregate chat visitors by their geographical location, such as different states like Ohio and New York. This enabled their sales reps to respond to chat requests from the states they were responsible for. However, after using live chat for a few months, they found unique ways to optimize their website and successfully connected with 424 people within a short period.



Multi-Channel Support Tailored To The Customer

When they’re still undecided, some customers may feel uncomfortable picking up the phone and enquiring about your business. That’s why The Mail Shark uses Zopim Live Chat as the initial touch point when communicating with customers.
After an initial contact has been made via Zopim, support agents from The Mail Shark offer to explain complex concepts via the phone.




However, if a customer prefers to continue communicating via live chat, support agents continue the conversation there. Providing customers with the option of chatting from their website allows them to reach out to audiences who may have hesitated before picking up the phone.


Knowing Customers Inside Out

While their original plan was to use live chat to support their phone helpline, The Mail Shark has developed unique ways of meeting customer needs with the help of Zopim. One feature they find extremely useful is the ability to view information, like landing pages and visitor paths.

Using this information, support agents are able to identify the specific needs of their customers and provide additional information during a chat session.


Knowing information like the keywords and pages a customer used during their visit before engaging in a chat session also benefits the business. Such knowledge helps their marketing team make educated decisions about keywords and the ad copies they pursue in Google Adwords and also allows them to optimize their website for better traffic.

Besides tracking visitor paths, The Mail Shark also uses pre-chat forms to obtain the name, phone number and email address of the customer that engages in chat. This allows for continuity in terms of the customer service provided because support agents can contact customers on alternative platforms if the customer shows a preference for other channels.


Tags, Triggers and Targets

If you’re running ad campaigns that are driving traffic to your site, you might want to follow in The Mail Shark’s footsteps and target these visitors using Triggers. The Mail Shark use Triggers to identify the specific pages customers are on and then proactively provide them with more information
Taking the time to target customers based on the path they used to get to your website can pay off, as  the triggers put in place will encourage greater sales.



The Mail Shark picked up Zopim because they needed to reroute their customer requests to specific sales agents. However, by using Zopim to understand their customers better and putting their customer needs first, The Mail Shark successfully used live chat to their greatest benefit.

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