It’s the end of the month and you have to settle your credit card bill. Instinctively, you log onto your bank’s website, click a few buttons and review your statement. To your horror, the bank has imposed an unknown “maintenance charge” on your account and your immediate reaction is to confront them about it.

In a world without live chat, you’d have to search for a helpline number, pick up your phone to make a call, navigate through a mess of options, then wait to speak with a customer service agent. If the bank is busy, you’d most probably also be put on hold.

Fortunately, with live chat you can simply click on the chat widget available on the website, request for assistance, and wait for a reply. You don’t need to navigate away from your credit card statement, and can even send a screenshot of the unknown “maintenance charge” to the customer support agent at the other end of the chat.



We’re not alone in our love for live chat. 90% of customers find live chat helpful and 46% say live chat is the most efficient communication channel. Live chat also boasts the highest satisfaction rates (73%) amongst other customer support platforms.

But besides making your customers happier people, live chat also increases conversions on your site through proactive engagement and helps you properly manage your support team through the use of analytics and reports.


There are many more reasons to love live chat. We explore the live chat love affair in our latest ebook: How Live Chat Helps Businesses and Consumers. In the ebook, you’ll find out why consumers prefer live chat, and how it benefits a business’s bottom-line. It’s a great resource for anyone considering adding live chat to their customer service mix.

Download the free ebook: How Live Chat Helps Businesses and Consumers.

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