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A booming business is a sign that you’re on the right track, but it doesn’t automatically mean that you can keep everything status quo. With more customers, requests for help and guidance will naturally increase. What’s important is that your customer service team is prepared for this growth and will become an asset, rather than a hindrance when your business begins to enter new markets.

Here’s how helping your customer service team catch up with the influx of customers can secure your long term success.


A Different Game

It’s easy to think that customer service provided at scale equates to simply increasing the headcount of your support team. Sadly, things aren’t always that simple. As your customer service team grows, other factors, such as organizational skills and job delegation come into play when you’re trying to keep your team efficient in dealing with customer queries. Besides hiring the right agents, put some thought into how you can manage them as well.

Unlike with a smaller team, managing a larger one also involves deploying new strategies or engaging the use of customer service tools. For example, equipping managers with analytics can help keep an eye on response times and the number of customers served by an agent.  Employee upgrading and rotating agent roles can also help empower your support team. By a rule of thumb, they should help increase agent productivity and enable monitoring of customer service metrics.


Confused Customers

Many companies grow through the process of diversification or expansion, which can sometimes cause customers to become confused. When Zopim first started out, we only focussed on a few chat-related features. But as we grew and listened to the needs of our users, our features became increasingly more complex.

Complicated products are great. They solve problems. But the truth is, 94% of customers abandon great products because they find them difficult to operate. That’s where your customer support team comes in. Providing great after sales service can help a customer understand how a product works and prevent churn.

Ensuring that your customer support team is scaled to accommodate the influx of more complex queries can help your business transition smoothly when growing.

If a company isn’t able to equip their growing support team with the tools necessary to promote efficient problem resolution, then customers will be left unsatisfied and satisfaction rates will begin to plummet.


Meeting Expectations

Even before a business grows in size, there is a certain standard of service that customers expect. This means that customers might expect even better support when your business gets bigger. But, scaling your customer service isn’t always about providing better service. Sometimes, it’s about maintaining the same standards, except this time providing it to a larger group of people.

If your customer service fails to catch up with your growth rate, you’ll notice numbers like missed chats and wait times increasing. It’s a sign that while there’s no lack of customers streaming in, you might not be well equipped to handle all their concerns.


No Permanent Solution

The most obvious solution to deal with a larger volume of customer requests is to hire more support agents. However, your business will keep growing larger and uncontrolled hiring cannot be a permanent solution. Furthermore, a larger customer service team can bring its own unique set of problems that will require your attention.

The answer to this is scaling your customer support operation without scaling the size of your team. Using tools like shortcuts, triggers and building useful knowledge bases can help your customer support team achieve more with less. Helping your customers help themselves is also a great way to scale your customer service without increasing costs.

Helping your customer service team keep up with the growth of your business may seem like a simple task in the beginning, but it requires your attention and understanding in order to execute properly. Good customer service can bring your company to greater heights, which is why it’s imperative for a business to pay equal attention to their overall expansion as well as the growth of their customer service team.


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Chow Li Ying

Chow Li Ying

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