Last month I sat down with Darren Bennett, Marketing Manager for 3 Minute Angels, to discuss customer service, live chat, and how Zopim has helped them attract new clients.

3 minute angels spotlight

The customer support agents of 3 Minute Angels

What exactly does 3 Minute Angels do?

Darren: 3 Minute Angels are Australia’s leading corporate and event massage provider. Our masseuses, known as ‘Angels’, deliver our trademark Halo Massage to recipients at work, at an event, conference, tradeshow, or even hen party. The Halo Massage is a short format seated upper back, neck and shoulder massage that lasts 5-minutes.


Where is your team based?

Darren: Our team is rather uniquely structured in that we are not all in the same country. We’re not even all in the same time zone. Our support and account managers are based in the Philippines and always have been. They are a long standing part of our company and will continue to be for a long time to come. Our Marketing expertise (that’s me) was based at our Sydney office (where the CEO/Founder and the COO work from), but now resides in the UK. The company provides massage to the whole of Australia and operates a tech savvy team spanning 3 continents.


Why did you decide to start using live chat?

Darren: I wanted to offer visitors to our website a way to communicate with us in real time without necessarily having to pick up the phone. One thing we see a lot is managers or team leaders booking 3 Minute Angels as a reward, treat, or surprise for staff. So talking about it on the phone isn’t always a viable option!


How did you hear about Zopim?

Darren: I was researching live chat services and Zopim kept being mentioned as a great solution. I read the support was great and the application itself was easy to use and cost effective. The best part was that Zopim works with so many website types – we were able to install it on all of our websites even though they all used different technology.


What were you hoping to achieve by using Zopim?

Darren: Zopim connects us to our website visitors. It was my intention to improve our customer service to existing and new customers visiting our website and also hopefully generate leads or sales as a result of our immediate availability to answer questions.


How has it worked out for you so far?

Darren: Zopim chats are triggered daily with visitors and we engage with many people on a daily basis. We have answered questions, gathered leads, generated bookings and interacted with massage recipients themselves. Having the option for our website visitors to connect immediately with a quick question is great for them and us. With email, if someone has a simple question they need answered before they can consider booking, but they have to email and wait 24-48hrs for a response or they can ask someone there and then, which are they likely to choose? Which is more likely to result in a sale? It really just makes sense.


What has the experience been like for customers?

Darren: We help customers with answers to their questions several times a day via Zopim. We also get leads via Zopim on a daily basis. Something that doesn’t happen as regularly, but is a real boost for the team when it does, is when a recipient of our massage uses the live chat to interact with us in real-time to report their enjoyment and the service they received from their Angel. This happened recently with a recipient who actually visited our website whilst receiving their at-desk massage. They got in touch via Zopim to tell us that they were in the middle of the best massage ever and that our Angel was doing a superb job. We shared this Zopim message via Twitter and before we knew it people were interacting with it. Including Zopim themselves. Just goes to show, a single Zopim chat can result in so much more.


Do you have any suggestions for new Zopim users?

Darren: Be sure to setup Triggers. Triggers can be setup to popup and introduce live chat to a visitor that has been browsing for some time (perhaps struggling to find the answer they need?) or a new visitor. There can be different Triggers for a new visitor vs previous and they really can start the conversation. Once a user knows live chat is available, they are more likely to use it. Triggered conversations sometimes result in the chat being closed, but often result in the user engaging with us.

I’d also advise having the Basic package. With the free package we found we were actually having multiple chat requests that we were missing out on. Having at least the basic level Zopim account meant we could serve as many chats as we needed, allowing us to manage multiple visitors at once. That sounds like a sales pitch but it isn’t, it just makes sense to ensure you’re not limiting your ability to aid visitors and you’re not putting visitors in a queue.


Thanks Darren and 3 Minute Angels team for putting customer service at the forefront of your business.


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