The car rental market in the UK is massive, contributing around £14 billion ($23 billion) to the economy every year. To stay ahead it’s important for businesses to ensure they are able to meet customer demand promptly and effectively. This is where Indigo Car Hire and their exemplary customer support team come in.

Indigo, founded by Cherie Walker in 2009, prides itself on making sure all its customers feel valued. This might sound like empty words to some, but in Indigo’s case they really mean it.

I spoke to Matt Carter from the Indigo sales team and he explained why they decided to add live chat to their support channels.

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Better than a Telephone

Rental companies traditionally rely on phone calls to offer advice, emails to manage correspondence, and digital resources for common queries.

Although there’s no getting rid of emails, thanks to live chat smaller companies no longer need a dedicated telephone line.

In fact, Zopim was introduced to Indigo as an alternative to phone calls. Indigo has  a very busy office, with phones constantly ringing. It can get so frantic that phone calls are sometimes missed. Through the use of live chat, Indigo are able to easily multitask and deal with multiple customers at one.

Here’s an example of a quick query a customer had:

(10:42:16)*** Visitor 78399826 joined the chat ***
(10:42:19) Visitor 78399826: I am 20 with over 2 years experience
(10:42:30) Visitor 78399826: would i be able to hire a car
(10:43:04)*** Rob Selby joined the chat ***
(10:43:09) Rob Selby: in the UK?
(10:43:19) Visitor 78399826: Yes london
(10:43:56) Rob Selby: minimum term for drivers aged 20 is 3 years i am afraid. Sorry we cannot help you on this occasion but please do bear us in mind for the future.

This was a short conversation that started and finished in under 2 minutes. Imagine if the customer had called in. They would have had to find the number on the website, dial it, listen to some hold music, and only then would they actually get a chance to ask their question.

Considering each customer is spending up to 13 hours on hold every year, the time savings from live chat are no mere myth.

Additionally, if this conversation had taken place over the telephone, the customer service advocate would not have been able to serve anyone else. Or worse Indigo may have had other customers to deal with on the telephone and may have completely missed this one.

In sum, according to  Matt, Zopim helps Indigo save time and money (phone bills), and helps provide better customer service.


Quick Responses with Shortcuts and Triggers

By now it’s clear that Indigo’s customer support team have done everything possible to ensure they can serve the maximum number of customers, in the shortest possible time.

To further optimize the process, they are also using a number of Shortcuts and Triggers. Shortcuts save their customer service team a lot of time, by quickly completing commonly asked questions. Similarly, Triggers enable Indigo to target customers and send personalized messages.

Combined, Shortcuts and Triggers let Indigo’s customer support team deal with far more customers than ordinarily possible.


Customer service is important, but it’s far too difficult to have enough telephone operators to provide the speedy service customers demand. The best solution? Live chat!


Since launching to critical acclaim in 2010 , Zopim Live Chat has helped thousands of companies grow their business and connect with their customers. Our Spotlight series features some of our customers and looks at the exciting ways in which they are using Zopim.

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