It’s 2014, and if your business does not have a website, does it even deserve to be called a business? In an effort to claim coveted online real estate, businesses have realized that having a website is a must. But what if your website turns out to be a dud? Instead of attracting more customers, does it in fact drive them away?

Here are six sales killing website mistakes you want to avoid.


1. Not Optimizing your Headline

In the digital realm, everyone is a browser first and a reader second.

They key is to catch your visitor’s attention in the first few seconds. The best way to do this is with an eye-popping headline. If it’s not immediately clear what you can do for them or how you can add value to their business – it’s bye-bye for you!

Let’s have a look at how KISSMetrics is killing it with their attention-grabbing headline:

website mistakes

Tip: The simpler the headline, the more likely visitors will stick around.


2. A Site That Loads too Sloooooooooowly

Your target market is unlikely to include toddlers, but believe me, while online, adults have the attention span of 3-year olds. And with the help of your worst nightmare – i.e. the “back” button – they’ll be more than happy to exit your site if it doesn’t load quickly.

In 2009, Google’s Jake Brutlag & Microsoft’s Eric Schurman explained how certain performance tests can critically impact sales and more specifically, how pages that load slowly can hurt your bottom line.

Tip: Skip the fancy animations and videos and make sure your website loads in a couple of seconds.


3. Distracting Music or Videos

Do people still play music when a website launches? Apparently some do, leaving visitors annoyed and rushing to close the page.

While you may be in love with a particular pop song or your company’s own anthem, the chances that your visitors will appreciate it is slim. They come to your website to look for information that is valuable to them, not to hear your playlist.

Tip: Ditch the 90s website and keep things lean.


4. A Website Filled with Typos

Aside from the fact that your message may be misunderstood, a website filled with typos looks plain unprofessional.

Further, you want to ensure your potential customers understand what it is you are trying to sell.

Tip: Hire an experienced copywriter to make sure you don’t have any typos.


5. Not Being Transparent About Pricing

Does your website require visitors to email for quotations? You may not realize this, but there’s a good chance that you’ve lost visitors because of this hurdle. There are plenty of businesses and if a customer is merely window shopping they want to make the most of their time. Rather than wasting it emailing you, they could easily find an alternate company that publishes its pricing schedule.

So, shorten the process and let your customer see what you have to offer in one place.

For example, Zopim’s pricing page makes it abundantly clear how much the service costs.

Tip: Make your pricing schedule easily visible to all customers.


6. A Site Cluttered with Ads

Some businesses try to use ads as an alternative revenue stream. In an effort to monetize their web real estate, they might lose their actual customers who find it very distracting.

Keep in mind that your products and services should be the core of your marketing and sales efforts – not alternative monetization channels.

Tip: Keep the focus on your products and services.


Ask yourself what experience you’d like to have when you visit another’s website, most likely, that’s how your prospects also feel.

What improvements have you made recently that have improved your website’s conversion rate? We would be delighted to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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