We’ve talked a lot about why live chat support is so important for your business. In today’s post our partner, Col Skinner from Profoundry, is going to explain why he is such an avid live chat software user  and why he thinks it’s essential for your website.

I’m an avid advocate for live chat software, as you can see in the bottom right of the Profoundry website (if I am online). Through seeing how live chat functionality has helped my clients and myself as a customer, it was one of the first things I setup on my new website. I wanted to share my findings on the customer/client benefits of using a chat software on your website.


Live Chat – Customer Benefits?

1. Multi Tasking

There is nothing worse than having to waste your lunch break on hold to a provider. With live chat you can carry on doing your day to day work or skimming social media whilst you wait for a “bing” sound telling you the agent has replied.


2. Chat Transcriptions

Every time you call a company you hear the classic “Your call may be recorded for quality and training purposes”. The company may get a copy of your call but unless you have a recording function/app turned on, you don’t get a copy. With the majority of live chat software you can receive a transcription of the conversation afterwards for your records. This helps you find what was mentioned and can be used in case any issues arise in the future.


3. Right Place, Right Time Customer Service

As a customer there is nothing more annoying than not being able to get hold of when you have a problem. Particularly when it is an online, digital or technical issue. Live chat gives you that option to speak to someone as soon as you have a full scale problem or just a question that needs answering. This reduces the need for call back requests, expensive 08 numbers and waiting 48 hours or 2 working days for that email response.


4. No “On Hold” Music

For me there is nothing more annoying than being put in a holding queue with classical music or 90′s pop. With live chat this simply doesn’t happen. You can choose your own background music (or glorious silence) whilst you wait to be transferred to another department or agent.


5. Cost

What’s more annoying than having a problem or question? Oh yea, paying to have it solved. Many people spend a small fortune every year sat on premium rate phone numbers or having to stop work to make a support call. With live chat there is no cost to the customer and therefore no resentment from the outset of your agents conversation. Everybody ends up going home happy.


Live Chat – Business Benefits?


1. Right Place, Right Time Customer Service

Yes, this is both a benefit for the user and for the brand. For brands, live chat provides a direct method of communication right on the website and available to the customer whenever they need it. Obviously this will be more beneficial for clients that get a lot of queries about how to use something or where to find things on their site. But it’s clear, in a world of real-time customer engagement users expect to be able to get in touch with someone virtually.


2. Cost

There is no complex wiring or infrastructure required to install live chat software. A simple piece of code and a subscription to the right package is usually all that stands in your way. Your business may already be employing a receptionist, call centre staff, and/or sales team to man the phones. Why not assign each of them a time slot where they also man the live chat platform? This means there is very little investment needed to bring this into your customer communication methods.


3. Data, Data, Data

As a customer, business, or even an agency you can NEVER have too much data. Live chat software provide an additional layer of data to your current tracking and attribution tools/methods. Of course the data you recieve varies per platform but in general live chat delivers:

  • Referring Link: Find out where the customer came from on or off your site. You can use this to gauge what they might be looking for and to initiate conversation if they haven’t already.
  • Operating System / Device: This will let you know if the customer is viewing your site from a mobile, tablet or desktop and which operating system they are using.
  • Idle / Viewing: You can find out if the customer is currently reading pages or idle, e.g. not actively moving their cursor or scrolling.
  • Time on Site: You will be able to see if the customer has just come onto the site or has been on it for some time and therefore more likely to require your help.
  • Number of Visits: Is this a new visitor or someone who has already been on the site several times?
  • Number of Chats: Is this their first chat or have they been talking to agents before? If so who?
  • Location: Using the customers IP address, the majority of chat platforms will tell you the country the customer is from.


4.  Increased Sales

Salespeople love live chat because it lets them nudge customers towards certain products or services without having to “hard sell”. A customer that comes to your website is likely to already be interested in your product or service, instead of hoping they make a purchase you can proactively engage them. For example, Sunny Land Tours created a Trigger which offered new visitors a $100 coupon – which could be redeemed for one of their packages.

New visitors to the Sunny Land Tours website would get the following message through live chat:

“Leave your valid email ID and phone and we will email you a $100 coupon which is redeemable on 7-14 day Consumer Packages only, fully transferable.”

The lucrative offer in the Trigger helped convert traffic on the Sunny Land website into prospective leads for the sales team.


What other reasons are there to use live chat on your website?


Interested in trying out live chat on your website? Try Zopim on a 14-day free trial:


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