[Update: Thanks to the kind contributions of everyone in the Zopim community we managed to raise a total of $20,035]

Leaving millions homeless, Typhoon Haiyan has become one of the deadliest natural disasters to hit the Philippines. Far worse than Hurricane Katrina, 5.4 million children have been affected. Please read the coverage on BBC for detailed information.


We feel that the most effective way of providing relief for the victims is to donate money and spread awareness of the crisis. In addition, to a personal pledge of $20,000 we want to take advantage of our network and spur a global relief effort.

Over 140,000 businesses use Zopim daily, and combined they receive 2 billion pageviews a month. If we can get even a fraction of you to contribute and provide assistance we can make an incalculable difference and help rebuild the Philippines.


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Transform your Chat Widget and aid the Haiyan Donation Drive

To make it easy for you to spread the word and collect donations from your customers, we have made a special “Help Haiyan Victims” widget theme. It will change your Chat Badge and display a short message about Typhoon Haiyan to your customers when they start a chat.


Help Haiyan Victims widget theme.

You can change your widget settings by clicking on the following link and going to the “Haiyan Donation Drive” tab:


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The special widget theme only works for users of our Mobile Optimized Chat Widget. It will not work if you are still using the Classic Widget.


Donate to the Victims

Zopim will also be donating to UNICEF through Crowdrise. Backed by Edward Norton, Crowdrise is one of the world’s leading fundraising platforms using social media as a catalyst for giving.

Of course, this is not the only way to help the victims of Haiyan. Simply spreading the message on your social media networks will go a long way in raising awareness for those affected.

140,000 businesses can make a difference. Join #RebuildPH

For more information, please visit haiyan.zopim.com.

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