Since launching to critical acclaim in 2010 , Zopim live chat has helped thousands of companies grow their business and connect with their customers. In our new “Spotlight” series we want to take a moment to feature some of our customers and look at the exciting ways in which they are using Zopim Live Chat.

Despite the proliferation of messaging services such as Whatsapp and KakaoTalk, the original Short Message Service, better known as SMS, is still far from dead. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who has stopped using SMS completely even today. With that in mind, One Way SMS is a mobile communication company that focuses exclusively on SMS within the Asia Pacific Region.

one way sms

In order to manage their customer service and sales enquiries, One Way SMS started off using phone calls or emails, but eventually found it to be extremely cumbersome – it was neither cost nor time effective due to the fact that their clients were scattered across the region. On the one hand, international phone calls were expensive; on the other, email responses were not as quick, and fast turnaround times were of the essence to the company’s revenue. Because of this, One Way SMS decided to turn to Zopim Live Chat to improve communications with their clients.

Starting out with the forever free Lite account, they immediately began to see an upturn in their response rates, and found that they could communicate on a more personal basis with their clients as well. In fact, with the implementation of Zopim Live Chat, their enquiry rate began to increase significantly. Seeing the increase in enquiries, they decided to sign up for a longer commitment with Zopim, and added another agent to handle the workload.

The result: One Way SMS saw an increase of 30% in their total revenue, following their subscription to Zopim. Further, after adding the additional agent, their revenues rose by another 8%.

An added perk was the analytic data that can be accessed through Zopim. By being able to access information such as the originating country of the user, as well as the webpage or website they are currently viewing, One Way SMS was able to narrow down the country from which the user intended to use One Way SMS, almost instantly.

In sum, One Way SMS benefited greatly from being able to quickly respond to their clients, interact with them one-to-one, and provide useful information with the Zopim Live Chat platform. Here is an example of a typical interaction between their agent, Ryan, and a customer: 

[1:43 PM] Visitor 95823405 has joined the chat.

[1:43 PM] Customer Service: Hi there! Noticed you’re new to our site. Our friendly support reps are online, feel free to chat with us if you need assistance =)

[1:44 PM] Visitor 95823405: Hello, anyone available to assist me? Thanks : )

[1:44 PM] Visitor 95823405 is now known as Raymond.

[1:50 PM] Ryan has joined the chat.

[1:50 PM] Ryan: Hi how can we help you

[2:02 PM] Raymond: Hello Ryan sorry for the late reply I was just browsing some your content

[2:02 PM] Raymond: can I tie this to a PHP API or something?

[2:03 PM] Ryan: Yes you can

[2:03 PM] Raymond: where can I find it? 

[2:03 PM] Ryan: We can provide the API for free

[2:03 PM] Raymond: sorry for my laziness

[2:03 PM] Ryan: Have u sign up for a trial account?

[2:03 PM] Raymond: yes

[2:03 PM] Ryan: Great then it is easy

[2:04 PM] Ryan: Login to your account, then go to account ->API and there u can find the API link to the manual and the sample codes

[2:04 PM] Ryan: As well as the username & password

[2:05 PM] Raymond: sweet, again.. sorry for my laziness I was just window shopping for some same services but now I’m 100% sticking with you guys : D

[2:06 PM] Ryan: Thank you : )


The above conversation is a great example of Zopim in action. It’s superior to emails as the conversation, that took about 20 mins, could have taken days of back and forth. By simply being helpful, One Way SMS was able to secure a customer who might otherwise have wandered off and found a similar service elsewhere.

One Way SMS is just one of many businesses using Zopim Live Chat. We’d love to hear your stories of how Zopim has helped your company grow and prosper. Drop us an email on blog [at] zopim [dot] com.

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