Since launching to critical acclaim in 2010 , Zopim live chat has helped thousands of companies grow their business and connect with their customers. In our new “Spotlight” series we want to take a moment to feature some of our customers and look at the exciting ways in which they are using Zopim Live Chat.

From trailers filled with ice cream and meat to pregnant dolphins, Dutch trading company Hahebo is known for trading in absolutely everything.  They have found success by concentrating solely on trading batch goods and maintaining a flexible approach.


As in most businesses, smooth communications with clients is very important, and recently Hahebo decided to try out Zopim live chat.  For Hahebo, Zopim provides an easy way to communicate with (potential) customers, suppliers, and other interested parties.

After trying out Zopim for a few weeks, and seeing success, Hahebo decided to sign up for a longer commitment. Customers have reacted positively to having an additional interface for contact. Live chat is not a substitute for email or a phone call for Hahebo, but it is an important alternative. The main advantage being that live chat is personal and immediate, yet a support agent can take their time to compose their response.

Also, as an international business, Hahebo’s customers speak many different languages. So, it helps that Zopim features automatic translation, and the customer and support agent can type their questions and responses in their native tongue.

Hahebo has seen great success with live chat and they attribute this to three things:

  1. the accessibility of the chat: which can be found on every page of their website (and not just their contact page);
  2. the speed at which Hahebo responds to customers; and
  3. the quality of its answers.

Hahebo chat

Hahebo is just one of many businesses using Zopim live chat. We’d love to hear your stories of how Zopim has helped your company grow and prosper. Drop us an email on blog [at] zopim [dot] com.

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Abhiroop Basu

Content and Product Marketing Manager at Zopim
Abhiroop Basu is an opinionated tech and digital media blogger. In the real world, he works as Content and Product Marketing Manager for Zopim (a Zendesk company) and can be found at