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[UPDATE: Due to breaking changes from Skype, Google Talk, and AIM, we have no choice but to stop integration of IM clients. Please read this post for more details].

Brace yourselves, this could be the biggest news for Skype since their acquisition by Microsoft ;P

Since our official launch back in 2010, Zopim has allowed you to chat with customers on your website using Gtalk, Yahoo, MSN and AIM. And many of you were demanding requesting to see Skype added to our list of IM integrations.

Today (drum roll…), we’re announcing the launch of Skype integration. If you’re familiar with our IM setup process, I reckon it will take you all of 58 seconds to start chatting with your website customers over Skype. Otherwise, you can simply follow our IM setup guide.

That’s it, you will magically be connected to your website visitors through Skype.

* Gentle reminder: messages are only forwarded to IM when you are not logged into the dashboard.

Because of the way Skype works (it’s a peer-to-peer, rather than a server-based network), the way it reports your ‘online status’ can be unreliable and quirky:

  1. If the widget still appears offline immediately after setting up the integration, try sending ‘#visible’ to the Skype bot.
  2. Going offline – if you simply quit the Skype application, it takes a long time for Zopim to receive your offline status. Try setting your status to “Invisible” before quitting Skype.

Notice the (beta) in the subject title? Please reach out via live chat, or email us at support@zopim.com if you uncover any problems. Looking forward to any feedback you have as well!

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