We are making it easy for you to switch between the classic Flash-based Dashboard, and the new HTML5 Dashboard that we’ve been blogging about.

You will notice a new login form at dashboard.zopim.com. Log in as usual, and the User Interface should guide you along. If you’d like more details, read on..

We greatly appreciate all the encouragement and constructive feedback we’ve received regarding the new dashboard. We aim to continuously improve the dashboard and evolve it with your valuable input.

In the previous our earlier UX series blog posts, we discussed our new dashboard and some of the UX improvements we were working on.

From today, we’re opening access to the new dashboard to all Zopim users! We’ve also made switching between the old and new dashboards easier.

New Login Form

You’ll see our new login form when you visit dashboard.zopim.com. If you haven’t indicated a preference for the new/HTML5-based dashboard, you will be redirected to the classic/Flash-based dashboard upon logging in.

New Login Form

Switching to the New Dashboard

If you’re using a browser that is supported by the new dashboard (sorry, only Google Chrome at the moment), you will see the Sneak Peek tab. Click the button to try out the new dashboard!

Classic Dashboard - Sneak Peek

Saving Your Preferences

When the new dashboard has finished loading, you’ll see a notice at the top of the page.

Beta Dashboard - Notice

To save your dashboard preference, select one of the options:

  1. Keep this version: Always redirect me to the new dashboard when I log in from dashboard.zopim.com. If you change your mind later, switch back to the classic dashboard by going to Settings > Profile > Classic Dashboard.
  2. Switch to old dashboard: Always redirect me to the classic dashboard when I log in from dashboard.zopim.com. Not to worry, you can still try the new dashboard anytime using the Sneak Peek page.
  3. X: Hide this notice temporarily and ask me again the next time I try the new dashboard. You will be redirected to the classic dashboard the next time you log in from dashboard.zopim.com.

Accessing the Classic or New Dashboard Directly

If you prefer to access the old or new dashboard directly, use the following pages instead:

  • classic.zopim.com – Always logs you into the classic Flash-based dashboard
  • beta.zopim.com – Always logs you into the new HTML5-based dashboard. You can access this with an unsupported web browser, though we can’t guarantee that the dashboard will function correctly.
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